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What NOT to take away from the Oscars

By February 26, 2013 February 4th, 2019 No Comments

40.3 million people tuned in to watch the Oscars on Sunday night – Hollywood’s biggest night of the year. Although the show’s ratings have been questionable in recent years, the Oscars usually always deliver one thing – great people watching! The who’s who of Hollywood come decked out in their best (and sometimes worst) and the next day we all want to know how to nab those same looks for less. That’s fine, but let’s apply this copycat approach to business for a second. Here’s what we mean.

Although rocking red carpet looks may make a great fashion statement, being like someone else isn’t a good business strategy.

You are you!

Don’t try to be like everyone else. Be you. Be different! Let’s take Disney for example. Their brand is all about fun and magical family entertainment. They have guests, not customers. It’s a great concept, and it works well for them. But copying the Disney brand and putting your name on it isn’t going to make you the next Disney. It’s going to make you an impostor.

Back to the message

Everything goes back to your message. It’s the heartbeat of your company.

So, take a step back and ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes you special?
  • What do you want people to know about you?
  • What’s the compelling reason someone would want to do business with you?
  • What perception do you want to “own” in the minds of your employees and customers?
  • What does your products and services promise to deliver?
  • What makes those products and services truly different?
  • What are the core values of your brand?

As you go through some of these questions, pay close attention to any similarities in your answers. Is there a common theme? Something that you seem to mention over and over? This may be the basis for your unique message.

Invite others into the discussion. Make it a brainstorming session. Different people add different perspectives and usually help uncover something that you’d otherwise miss.

So, forget the red carpet knock-off approach and find your own one-of-a-kind style!