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What’s your message?

By March 19, 2013 February 4th, 2019 No Comments

I was behind a tractor trailer the other day with the tagline of “Our people make the difference” painted on the back of it. Wow. That’s original. Honestly, that means absolutely nothing. Any business can (and does) say that. How many times have you heard, seen or said “Our people make the difference?” I’m not doubting that your people are great, and who knows, maybe they DO make the difference, but that’s not the message. HOW or WHY your people make a difference would be a better place to start.

An epidemic of epic proportions

Call the CDC. We have a messaging crisis on our hands. And it’s contagious.

Quick. What makes your company special? Is it your people? It’s fine to say yes, but you need to try harder than that. What can you say that will make a total stranger to your business want to learn more? HOW do your people make a difference? WHY do they make a difference? WHAT do they do to make a difference?

Or, lead with something altogether different. Something that’s more descriptive.

A quick example

Which message sounds better to you? Not for the back of a truck, but for the homepage of a website.

ABC, Inc. – Our people make the difference.

ABC, Inc. – Welcome to our website.

ABC, Inc. – Superior service. Superior results.

Just by reading those, can you tell what ABC, Inc. does? You can’t, and that’s the problem. A better place to start might be with something like the following.

ABC, Inc. – Commercial hauling backed by experienced drivers and our 100% on-time guarantee.

Yes, people matter

Just to clarify, we absolutely believe that business is about people. And, yes, people do make the difference. But that’s not the lead message.

Challenge yourself to think, act and talk differently than everyone else. That’s when people notice you most.