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Why Forge3 is using Dialpad for our phone service

This week, we changed our company phone system.

Bored yet? I was, too.

Then, I started researching the options and discovered that there are some very cool things that modern, cloud-based phone systems can do.

Desk phones are an endangered species

For the last five years, we’ve been using a somewhat traditional system. We had desk phones. They would ring. We’d answer. We didn’t think much of it.

It worked well, but as we become more “location independent” as a team, we were starting to run into limitations we didn’t like.

For example, the only way to make or receive calls while outside the office was to use our personal cell phones. That’s fine, but it’s not an ideal longterm solution. And, let’s be honest. The quality of cell phone calls isn’t the best.

We wanted an option that would allow us to make and receive calls anywhere and on any device, whether it’s a computer, phone or tablet.

We also wanted superb call quality and the ability to use a high quality headset.

And, for bonus points, we wanted the system to be cloud based (no hardware required) and easily expanded as we continue to add to our team.

Put a ring on it

After a few months of research, we switched to Dialpad.

You can visit their website (dialpad.com) to read the details, but it gave us everything we wanted…and more.

For example, when a call comes in, the Dialpad app rings on all of our devices and surfaces recent emails with the caller, his/her LinkedIn profile and more. No more digging around for caller details. Since Dialpad is a VoIP solution, all that’s required is an internet connection.

Each of us now has a direct number, too. So, rather than calling the main Forge3 line (which you can still do; we ported it to Dialpad), callers can call each of us directly.

We can also send and receive faxes, easily transfer calls to/from each other and access detailed stats on call volume and more. All of this is possible no matter where we are.

And, since we no longer have traditional desk phones, we each have a computer headset. We decided on the Logitech H650e, which cancels background noise and makes us sound crystal clear. Mission accomplished.

One less thing to worry about

We have a number of initiatives in the works, including a new Forge3 website, new industry-focused platforms and expanding the team to keep up with our growth.

The last thing we want to worry about is our phone system. With Dialpad, we won’t.

Talk soon.