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Why now is the best time to send cards and gifts

By November 6, 2013 August 20th, 2016 No Comments

Right around now, we start to see glimpses of the upcoming holiday season sneaking into our otherwise routine lives. And, no matter how much we THINK we’re ready for it, we feel behind. Fortunately, Thanksgiving, the next big holiday on the calendar, doesn’t require picture-postcard gifts under a tree. But, now IS the ideal time to send a little something to your best customers and clients. Are you going to? Or, are you going to wait, like most, until December – just in time to blend in with everyone else? We know you’re busy, so here are a few sites we like for staying ahead of the pack and making an impact…right now.

Since most people don’t, sending holiday cards and gifts NOW ensures they break through the noise and get noticed. So, to get you in the holiday gift-giving spirit, here are a few online businesses that make saying “thanks” easy. No excuses.

Wine Country Gift Baskets

We’ve been using them for a few years and love their selection of products and streamlined ordering process. Explore their site and you’ll find something at every price point.



We all know and love Amazon.com. They have a huge selection of just about everything under the sun. Or, for something simpler, send a gift card via email.


Sincerely Apps

The world is going mobile, so why not send your cards and gifts while on the go? We have, and it’s awesome. We like Sincerely’s suite of apps to find the perfect something for that perfect client.



Looking for something unique to send? Gifts.com has you covered.





Hammacher Schlemmer

And, under the “life is too short to send average gifts” category, we present this year’s Hammacher Schlemmer “Unexpected” gift list. If you need our mailing address, let us know!


Happy holidays!