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Workplace by Facebook

We get a lot of questions about the tools we use at Forge3.

As I’ve shared here, here and here, Forge3 is now location independent. In many ways, it’s an experiment to see how it works for us. So far, so good! It’s working because we use the best tools to stay connected and maximize productivity.

Perhaps not surprisingly, great communication is critically important for any successful company – especially when people are working from different locations.

There are a bunch of tools that attempt to help with this. This week there’s one more. Workplace by Facebook.

Workplace by Facebook - 1

What is Workplace by Facebook?

It’s like Facebook, but for your internal business communications. There are no ads and you pay based on how many people use it. You can share comments, message one another, do video calls, chat and more.

It’s an interesting concept. In fact, Facebook originally developed the platform for their own internal use. Then, they realized that other companies might benefit from it, so they opened the platform to all of us.

At Forge3, our existing tools cover most of what Workplace by Facebook offers. So, at least for now, we’ll likely stick with what we have.

However, if you’re looking for a modern way to connect your team and don’t have anything in place yet, it’s worth a look.

So is Slack. And Flow. And Yammer.