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5 Ways Insurance Agencies Can Use Website Forms to Improve Business

By October 18, 2017June 17th, 2020ActiveAgency, Inside Forge3
5 ways insurance agencies can use website forms to improve business

We are a society that has come to expect instant gratification. Whether we’re in the kitchen cooking 90 second rice or binge watching an entire season of our favorite Netflix show in one day, we hate having to wait.

And—you guessed it—the same goes for insurance.

That’s why we’ve worked to incorporate a number of impressive and time-saving tools into our ActiveAgency website platform for insurance agencies. These tools (like Hello Producer and Clickable Coverage) are designed to streamline the sales and servicing process.

Today, I wanted to share a few ideas for using one of the most popular features of ActiveAgency—Integrated Forms—to improve efficiency, simplify the customer experience, and be a better, more connected insurance agency.

1. Use forms to improve and simplify the customer experience.

As an insurance agency, you likely take pride in the personalized insurance advice and service you offer to your clients.

So, let’s say, for example, that one of your personal lines clients gets into a fender bender at 11PM on a Saturday evening. They’re going to want to file a claim. But, your office probably isn’t open at 11PM on Saturday, right? So, what next?

With the integrated forms feature, your clients don’t have to skip a beat. They can submit their claim through the Claim Report form any time of day (or night). Once the form is submitted, you’ll receive an email alert so you can get back to them first thing on Monday (or even sooner if you’d like!).

Nice and simple.

2. Streamline your agency’s workflow with integrated forms.

Every agency is different. That means that each one has a different process and workflow for tackling certificate requests, quote requests, claims reports, policy change requests, and more.

Let’s say your agency has a customer service team responsible for handling any certificate requests and auto ID card requests, but all policy change requests are handled by producers.

With the integrated forms tool, you can customize the recipients for each form to ensure that client requests end up in the right place each and every time.

No more lost emails or miscommunications. Just a simple, straightforward workflow.

3. Use online forms to create a simpler referral process for clients.

Building relationships—no matter how you look at it, that’s what insurance is all about. So, why not make the referral process a bit easier for your clients?

In addition to requesting referrals from valued clients in person or over the phone, consider also sending a follow-up email with a link to the online referral form, sharing the link on your agency’s social media platforms, or even in including the link within your email signature.

4. Collect email leads with the help of integrated forms.

Imagine this…

A prospective client is searching for car insurance online. After a quick Google search, they land on your agency’s website. So, they browse a bit, and decide that they want a bit more information.

Sounds simple enough. Once they give your agency a call, one of your friendly producers will walk them through your offerings.

One problem: They’re at work, so they’re unable to talk on the phone.

So, what’s next?

With the help of integrated forms, the answer is simple. By including a Contact Us form on your website, you’ll be providing prospective clients with an easy way to provide their information for future follow-up.

If your agency is looking to take it one step further, integrated forms can also be utilized within targeted social advertising campaigns to obtain email leads.

5. Provide a quicker and easier way for current clients to take part in the annual policy renewal process.

Your agency likely has a method for connecting with current clients on an annual basis to evaluate their current policy for any gaps in coverage, and to determine opportunities for cross-selling.

Typically, this process requires sending a questionnaire through the USPS (cough cough…snail mail) and requesting that the form be returned by mail or fax.

Fax?! I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many people with fax machines in their homes.

So, while that might work for some clients, it definitely isn’t the most convenient (or successful) option. Offering clients the opportunity to complete an interactive and easy-to-follow Annual Questionnaire form online is a great way to save them (and you!) time.

These days, it’s all about convenience and simplicity. Integrated Forms is just one of many time-saving tools built within the ActiveAgency platform.