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6 Ideas to Sell More and Service Better Using Your Insurance Agency’s Website (Especially When Working Remotely)

By May 18, 2020June 17th, 2020ActiveAgency, Inside Forge3
Forge3 ActiveAgency Video Proposals

COVID-19 is forcing us all to think differently. It’s not business as usual. Fortunately, there are some amazing ways your insurance agency’s website can help you sell more, service better, and wow people along the way. There’s no better time than now to dive in and see what’s possible!

1. Video Proposals.

At a time when having sincere personal connections are severely lacking, now’s the time to reset expectations and make a lasting impression. A friendly smile and the personal touch of a video proposal can go a long way to establishing a relationship with your clients and prospects.

Video proposals have always been a great sales and servicing tool. Now, with so many people working remotely, it’s almost required. They typically feature the producer on camera (webcam) and/or a recording of their screen where policy options or proposals are displayed and explained in video format. They can be used to explain coverage options or just put a friendly face in front of prospects, as well as following up with current clients.

Above all else, now is the time to show the human side of the business. Video proposals are one way to accomplish this in a remote-first world.

Many agencies use ActiveAgency, our insurance agency website platform that includes the agency website and a collection of sales, servicing, and marketing tools. The Video Proposals feature is included so you can produce videos all-in-one place while maintaining your agency’s branding. And for agencies who don’t have an Active Agency website, the standalone option we recommend is Loom (

Forge3 ActiveAgency Video Proposals

2. Landing Pages with Clickable Coverage.

On average, insurance agency website traffic has been up 7-10% since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This isn’t surprising. Your prospects and clients still need you, and your website is your primary connection to them. It’s your first (and sometimes only) impression. Studies have shown that people like to learn on their own and explore, and most are visual learners. So, having engaging content and information on your website is really important.

The best way to get prospects to explore your website and consider switching is by sending them to a landing page. That simply means a page on your website that’s designed to capture your visitor’s attention and drive them to learn more and/or contact you. The content and the visual elements need to work together to draw the user in and give them the place to learn about the risk factors and insurance solutions before they get in touch with your agency.

This is where Clickable Coverage scenes come into play. They are a collection of interactive graphics exclusive to ActiveAgency that help explain the risks and related insurance solutions. It’s great to include these graphics on landing pages since they capture people’s attention and get them to learn about insurance in a fun, effective way. They can simply click the yellow hot spots to read about their specific risks. This also helps take the focus away from the cost of the insurance and instead put it on the value insurance has.

Forge3 ActiveAgency Screenshot

Videos, infographics, and other compelling content can also work. Regardless of how you grab attention, make sure it’s entertaining, educational, and always includes an obvious call-to-action, such as a contact or quote form.

3. Power Panels and Notification Bars.

When people visit your website, it’s important to immediately establish credibility. Testimonials, awards, years of experience. These are some of the credibility factors that should be displayed prominently so you can make a positive first impression.

One option is to create little pop-up messages. In ActiveAgency, we call them Power Panels. Just like slices of toast jumping out of a toaster, Power Panels appear and cycle through at the bottom left of the screen, grabbing attention by the animation and with valuable information. Most often, they are used for featuring testimonials, Google reviews, links to quote forms, and other news.

In addition, and especially in times of uncertainty, it’s your job to communicate with your prospects and clients. Another ActiveAgency feature, Notification Bars, is the perfect way to have a message be present on the bottom of every page of the website. If your office is closed or if you’re working remotely, tell people. How should they get in touch with you? What if they have a claim? Add these messages to your website, or better yet, highlight them in a Notification Bar to reinforce that you’re available when people need you.

Forge3 ActiveAgency Power Panels

4. 24/7 Client Service Center.

Having a system in place to allow clients to request services is all but required these days. At the very least, you need to provide a way for clients to request services on your website after hours, whether it’s a simple form or an integrated client portal. Some examples include reporting a claim, changing a policy, requesting a certificate, getting an auto ID card, making a payment, and reviewing a policy.

Don’t overcomplicate this. Simple forms often work best and allow clients to initiate the process no matter the day or time. It also gives them the convenience of making requests on their time, so it feels like your agency is there for them on a 24/7 basis and they don’t have to wait for the office to be open. Since the form submissions are typically delivered to you via email, you can keep things organized and respond quickly and easily.

5. Hello Producer.

The human connection is so important, especially when doing business remotely. All of us want to do business with people we like and trust. It’s your job to reinforce that connection. Find ways to inject you and your team into your communications, starting with your website. Team pages, agency history, and other behind-the-scenes photos are always great.

If you’re using ActiveAgency, another cool option is Hello Producer. Your team can send special links to prospects, clients, and referral partners that, when clicked, shows that person’s photo and contact info across the website. It’s very slick and allows them to maintain the relationship.

Regardless of how you do it, always remember that business is, and always will be, personal.

6. Live Chat.

Did you know that 75% of website visitors prefer live chat versus calling to speak with an agent? This is another feature that is quickly becoming a requirement these days.

Some agency owners tell me that they don’t like live chat so they don’t think it’s important. That’s a backwards way of looking at it. It doesn’t matter what you or I think or prefer. People want live chat. So, it’s up to you to give it to them. Otherwise, you’re likely missing out when those people leave your website without you ever getting a chance to know about it.

Offering live chat on your website allows you to engage with prospects and help clients where and when they need it most. It’s convenient for both them and you. And especially if it’s building a first impression, having that convenience and personal touch right off the bat can go a long way. While phone calls and emails are still essential, live chat is a communication feature you can’t afford to go without in order to reach a new generation of clients.

Forge3 ActiveAgency Website Platform

Our ActiveAgency website platform includes all of these powerful features and more. Learn more and schedule a demo.