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How Agencies Are Using Video Proposals in ActiveAgency (So Far)

By June 27, 2019June 17th, 2020ActiveAgency, Inside Forge3
How agencies are using Video Proposals in ActiveAgency (so far)

We added Video Proposals to ActiveAgency two months ago.

As a reminder, some producers like to send a short video along with their quotes and proposals. These “video proposals” can be used to explain coverage options or just put a friendly face in front of prospects. They typically show the producer on camera (webcam) and/or a recording of the screen with the policy options or proposal shown as the producer talks through it.

So, now that a few months have passed, are agencies using this powerful (and cool!) sales tool?

Good question! I wanted to find out…

By the numbers.

So far, agencies have created almost 400 videos! That’s an average of 10 new video proposals each business day!

The average length is around five minutes. Some are shorter, some are much longer if the producer is explaining a more complex topic.

Some feedback.

One of the coolest things is hearing from agencies directly. We’re fortunate to get positive feedback almost daily at this point. Here are a just a few snippets related to Video Proposals.

“Just so you know—this is awesome!”


“Just thought I would give one bit of feedback from a client on the videos. This was the best response yet! [They said,] ‘The video was awesome!! That was extremely helpful with explaining everything. Thank you so much for that.'”


There’s no doubt that momentum will continue to build from here. It’s awesome knowing that agencies are winning more business as a result of this powerful sales tool built into ActiveAgency.

So get out there and try new things.

The future is what we make it.