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“I Can Do Anything!”

By May 20, 2016August 20th, 2020Inside Forge3, Jeff's Thoughts
I can do anything

To her credit, my wife Eileen said it was a bad idea.

Each year, we get season passes to Dorney Park, an amusement park 10 minutes from our house. It’s become a family tradition of sorts. I remember spending countless nights there growing up myself. Now, we take our kids at least a handful of times each month during the season.

Last year, our daughter Ella was three and son Connor was one. Needless to say, we spent quite a bit of time roaming Camp Snoopy braving the death-defying kiddie rides. Weeeeeee. Actually, more like Zzzzzzzz.

One day, we left Camp Snoopy and headed over to the Sea Dragon (some parks call it the Pirate Ship). Basically, it’s a ship that swings back-and-forth. Quite high.

I asked Ella if she wanted to ride it. She didn’t seem so sure, but I convinced her that it was a good idea.

Bad idea.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her cry so much. Time to leave Dorney Park.

Same place, different story.

Dorney Park is now open for the 2016 season. We’ve been there a few times already.

Last week, Ella and I broke off from Eileen and Connor and explored on our own. We started in our usual place, Camp Snoopy. But, Ella wanted to check out the other rides. Cool! Let’s do it.

We rode every ride that we could (fortunately, she’s tall for her age). Spinny rides, roller coaster rides, scrambler rides, and more. Each ride was crazier than the last.

We were just about ready to leave when we passed her nemesis, the Sea Dragon.

She asked to go on it. We did. Not only did she ride it, but she LOVED it.

As we were swinging back-and-forth, I looked over and was shocked to see her hands straight up in the air and the biggest smile on her face.

She looked up at me and shouted…

“I can do anything!”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her laugh so much.

The power of momentum.

In business, and especially when creating new products or services, I’ve learned that there’s nothing more powerful than momentum.

At first, it seems scary and impossible. Then, after a few little steps and some progress, it seems a little easier. After a few more, it’s easier yet…and dare I say fun.

That’s momentum.

For Ella, each ride gave her more momentum. More confidence to try the next thing. That day, the Sea Dragon was her grand finale – her crowning achievement.

It’s amazing how life teaches us so much about business. We just need to keep our eyes open for the inspiration that’s all around us.

And, once things get rolling, buckle up, put your hands up, and hang on.

And laugh a little along the way.

Our brave little riders at Camp Snoopy…

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