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Inside Forge3: Favorite Beverages!

By August 19, 2021December 9th, 2021Inside Forge3
Inside Forge3 - Favorite Beverages - Collage of Beverages

The Forge3 team’s favorite beverages.

We all know the work day isn’t the same if we don’t have our favorite beverages on hand to get us through! So we asked the team to tell us about their drink of choice. Here’s what they said.

Becky Hane
Favorite Beverage - Glass of Water on Wooden Beam and Trees and Grass in the Background

Becky, a Content Manager, says…

I quit drinking soda entirely two years ago—and I’ve been trying to be healthier since then—so my drink of choice is just plain old water.

Alexis Nasser
Favorite Beverage - Mug Image of Buffalo and the Word Roam on Coaster Next to a Scale

Alexis, a Client Experience Manager, says…

My beverage of choice each day is coffee in the morning and unsweetened iced tea in the afternoon!

Eric Martinez
Favorite Beverage - Cup of Coffee With Saucer

Eric, a Visual Designer, says…

A cup of coffee to help get the morning going and the designing flowing!

Ewa Henderson
Favorite Beverage - Beige and White Takeout Coffee Cup With Computer Monitor

Ewa, another Visual Designer, says…

This is an Almond Milk Chai Latte from Callaway’s Coffee & Bistro, a local coffee shop near my house where they know me by name. It’s my go-to source of caffeine, and it’s delicious!

Rose Hayes
Favorite Beverage - Two Espressos With Espresso Maker

Rose, our Lead Project Manager, says…

One word: coffee. Most days, I’ll use my French Press but since my boyfriend gifted me an espresso maker, some mornings I’ll go a little wild and make lattes! Though once it’s after noon I usually switch to decaf or grab some seltzer or kombucha.

Keira Lenig
Favorite Beverage - Glass of Water and Yeti Travel Mug With F3 Logo

Keira, a Visual Designer, says…

With my cup of coffee and a glass of water, I find that nothing is impossible!

Carolyn Enigk
Favorite Beverage - Blue Mug That Says Carolyn With Tea and Tea Bag

Carolyn, a Client Experience Manager, says…

I love a nice cup of lemon tea with honey first thing in the morning!

Steph Brace
Favorite Beverage - Mason Jar Mug With Foamy Beverage and Straw

Steph, a Visual Designer, says…

I’m in a coffee rut so I tried blending some bottled Starbucks Vanilla Latte with ice – it’s delicious!! New summer fave.

Tracy Rivers
Favorite Beverage - 14 Mugs Lined Up in 3 Rows

Tracy, a Digital Marketing Consultant, says…

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

Ian Zeiders
Favorite Beverage - Cold Brew Coffee Bottle Next to Glass of Iced Coffee

Ian, our Lead Content Manager, says…

As long as it’s pure cold brew with nothing in it, plenty of ice, and a seemingly unlimited amount, that should be enough to get through the day.

Bethany Jorgensen
Favorite Beverage - Large Starbucks Cup With Red Liquid and Tumbler With Disney Characters

Bethany, a Project Manager, says…

My workday beverage of choice is lots of water and anything that will give me an extra caffeine boost!

Kassie Rainford
Favorite Beverage - Green Smoothie in Starbucks Tumbler With Straw

Kassie, another Project Manager, says…

I love healthy smoothies with lots of fruits and veggies! Either for a quick breakfast or after a long run.

Liz Allebach
Favorite Beverage - Hand Holding a Starbucks Iced Coffee With Order Label Visible

Liz, our Product Implementation Manager, says…

Before COVID you could catch me working from Starbucks at least once a week! Try this drink if you need a caffeine boost!

Justine Sorrentino
Favorite Beverage - Can of Raspberry Seltzer in Front of Laptop

Justine, our Operations Manager, says…

I LOVE flavored seltzers. I could seriously drink them all day.

Kayla Mjaatvedt
Favorite Beverage - Coconut Creme Coffee-Mate, Container of Oat Milk, Stok Iced Coffee and Glass With Iced Coffee and Straw

Kayla, a Client Experience Manager, says…

My mind is forever stuck in the warm summer months with my daily workday beverage blend – cold brew, oat milk and coconut creamer!

Michelle Longo
Favorite Beverage - Large Plastic Cup of Water With Can of Coke Zero

Michelle, our Digital Marketing Specialist, says…

I hate having to refill my water, so I use this giant 32 oz cup to cut down on trips to the kitchen. I am trying to quit soda and chemicals, but my guilty pleasure is still a Coke Zero at lunch.

Devon Beck
Favorite Beverage - 3 Mugs, Coffee Pot, French Press, Bag of Starbucks Coffee, Spoon

Devon, our Director of Technology, says…

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee, coffee coffee coffee. Coffee coffee coffee… coffee!

Jillia English
Favorite Beverage - Hand Holding Mug With Coffee and Laptop

Jillia, a Client Experience Visual Designer, says…

My workday beverage choice is a Chiaro double espresso with frothed oatmeal cookie oat milk cream in a handmade mug experiment of my own.

Melissa Marzan
Favorite Beverage - Half of Laptop Screen and 128 Ounce Water Bottle

Melissa, a Project Manager, says…

This is my gallon water bottle and I love the daily challenge. Can I drink a gallon every day yet? Nope! But I keep pushing, and I’m pretty close!

Jeff Teschke
Favorite Beverage - Jeff With Starbucks Cup Full of Pink Liquid With Label Visible

Jeff, our Founder and CEO, says…

The pinker the drink, the better it is!

Joleen Fetter
Favorite Beverage - 2 Bananas, Glass With Chocolate Protein Drink, Container of Protein Powder

Joleen, a Visual Designer, says…

My favorite drink is the protein drink that I have almost every day. It consists of chocolate protein powder, a banana, some almond milk, and a few ice cubes. Tastes delicious and it is surprisingly healthy!

Monika Baraket
Favorite Beverage - Yeti Travel Mug with Ice Water

Monika, our Chief Operating Officer, says…

I know, super boring! BUT, with my schedule I have to do my best to stay hydrated.