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Inside Forge3: Favorite Things About Fall!

By October 20, 2021Inside Forge3
Inside Forge3 Favorite Things About Fall - Collage Displaying Four Individual Employee Images and Their Favorite Fall Things Arranged Diagonally over the Four Corners of the Main Image With a Red Background

Let’s celebrate fall!

Whether fall is your favorite season or it’s just in your top four, there are plenty of things to love. Learn more about our Forge3 team and find out our favorite things about fall!

Keira Lenig
Favorite Things About Fall - Centerpiece with Vase and Flowers with Pumpkins

Keira, a Visual Designer, says…

My favorite thing about fall is the cool weather, decorating, and using pumpkins everywhere! I love making pumpkin pies, pumpkin rolls, and pumpkin drinks.

Ian Zeiders
Favorite Things About Fall - Stock Photo of Flannel Shirts Hanging

Ian, our Lead Content Manager, says…

Flannels. I’ve carefully curated a selection of L.L. Bean flannels and now is the time of year I can start wearing them. (Ian said he’s still prepping his flannels for the season, so we selected a stock image of what we think his closet looks like once they are all ironed and hung!)

Sam Peiffer
Favorite Things About Fall - Collage of Photos of a Picnic Table and Tree, Sweatshirts Hanging in Closet and a Dog on a Leash

Sam, our Technical Platform Administrator, says…

A few of my favorite things about fall are the nice crisp mornings, going on walks with my dog (which is all year round), and wearing sweatshirts. All of that just gives so many wholesome, warm, and comfy feelings.

Kenny Dixon
Favorite Things About Fall - Baseball Field and Stands

Kenny, our Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, says…

My favorite thing about the fall is watching the Yankees in the Playoffs. Especially when they beat the Red Sox.

Justine Sorrentino
Favorite Things About Fall - Canoe and Dock With Lake and Trees

Justine, our Operations Manager, says…

My favorite things during fall in the northeast are the changing leaves and family camping trips! 

Devon Beck
Favorite Things About Fall - Devon and His Family with Chicken in Brackground

Devon, our Director of Technology, says…

I love visiting local farms with my family to enjoy the fall activities, like apple picking, pumpkin picking, hayrides, corn mazes, and markets with fresh apple cider and pumpkin-spice-flavored everything! Here we are in autumn 2020 enjoying a farm in Easton that had a petting zoo.

Jillia English
Favorite Things About Fall - Hand Holding a Mug in Front of a Sign Saying Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee to Focus

Jillia, a Visual Designer, says…

My favorite thing about fall is pumpkin spiced coffee in one of the cozy handmade mugs I make!

Becky Hane
Favorite Things About Fall - Collage of Becky in Costumes

Becky, a Content Manager, says…

I love all things fall—from the sweater weather and hot chocolate to the campfires and falling leaves, I can’t get enough of it. But my favorite part has always been spooky season. I love getting festive and dressing up for Halloween (even though I hate horror movies haha).

Rose Hayes
Favorite Things About Fall - Rose and a Man Dressed as Janet and Michael from The Good Place

Rose, our Lead Project Manager, says…

I love fall! From cozy sweaters and hot seasonal drinks to making pie and doughnuts, it’s almost too hard to pick a favorite part. But I always look forward to Halloween and coming up with a costume. One of my favorites is from a few years ago when we went as Michael and Janet from The Good Place! 

Carolyn Enigk
Favorite Things About Fall - Carolyn and Her Boyfriend Dressed as Belle and a Taco

Carolyn, a Client Experience Manager, says…

My favorite thing about fall is getting to dress up for Halloween! I love a good pun costume, so last year my boyfriend and I were “Taco Bell(e)!”

Kayla Mjaatvedt
Favorite Things About Fall - Kayla and Two Women Posing in Stands at Football Game

Kayla, another Client Experience Manager, says…

My favorite thing about fall is football, of course! This photo was taken a couple of years ago at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. I’m really an Eagles fan, but this was my first NFL game in person, so I had to represent. Go birds!

Liz Allebach
Favorite Things About Fall - Dining Room Table and China Closet Decorated with Fall Leaves

Liz, our Product Implementation Manager, says…

My favorite thing about fall is the decorating! I love making my house look like a pumpkin spice latte.

Ewa Henderson
Favorite Things About Fall - Sculpture of Two Jack-o-Lanterns-Stacked With a Hat

Ewa, a Visual Designer, says…

This is my very special ceramic Halloween pumpkin that I put outside as soon as its officially fall. I bought this one at Wegmans a few years ago and have loved it ever since. I couldn’t even part with it when I moved halfway across the country!

Melissa Marzan
Favorite Things About Fall - Collage of Photos of Melissa and Family on a Farm

Melissa, a Project Manager, says…

One of my favorite things about fall is making memories with my family at some of our favorite local farms and pumpkin patches! Also, pumpkin spice flavored “everything”… I really like that about fall too.

Bethany Jorgensen
Favorite Things About Fall - Bethany's Porch Decorated for Fall

Bethany, a Project Manager, says…

My favorite thing about fall is decorating! The inside and outside of my house is decked out for all things fall.

Kassie Rainford
Favorite Things About Fall - Rows of Cookies on a Cooling Rack

Kassie, another Project Manager, says…

I love a lot of things about fall! It’s my absolute favorite season for picking apples and pumpkins, going on hayrides, college football…go PSU! But my most favorite thing is baking these pumpkin white chocolate chip cookies with my daughter each year! They are a family favorite!

Joleen Fetter
Favorite Things About Fall - Pumpkins and Mums on Wooden Steps

Joleen, a Visual Designer, says…

My favorite thing about fall is the fall floral arrangements, mainly when they include mums and pumpkins!

Jeff Teschke
Favorite Things About Fall - Jeff and His Family in Cornstalks

Jeff, our Founder and CEO, says…

Pumpkins, corn mazes, and apple cider slushies with the fam!

Monika Baraket
Favorite Things About Fall - Collage of Teenager and Younger Boy in Football Uniforms

Monika, our Chief Operating Officer, says…

My favorite thing about fall is football! I love watching my boys compete and cheering them on from the sideline. Matt is a senior in high school and Lucas is in 4th grade.

Eric Martinez
Favorite Things About Fall - Eric and His Children in a Pumpkin Patch

Eric, a Visual Designer, says…

When I think of fall, I think of pumpkin picking with my kids and corn mazes!

Michelle Longo
Favorite Things About Fall - Postcard With Image of Jamie Lee Curtis Holding a Large Knife

Michelle, our Digital Marketing Specialist, says…

Fall is horror movie season! This is a limited edition print of an image from the set of the original Halloween. I picked it up  at the Halloween H40: 40 Years of Terror convention in Pasadena, CA, in 2018.

Noah Matos
Favorite Things About Fall - Referee on Soccer Field with Arm Raised and Players Standing and Laying on Ground

Noah, a Digital Marketing Consultant, says…

This one is easy! College soccer and college football are my two favorite things about the fall! I get to travel to new places and see some amazing atmospheres!

Steph Brace
Favorite Things About Fall - A Man, a Wagon With Apple in a Bucket, and Two Children in an Orchard

Steph, a Visual Designer, says…

My favorite thing about fall is all the festivals and farms we hit up! We go apple picking, get cider slushies, pick pumpkins, and celebrate a bunch of October birthdays!