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Inside Forge3: Hidden Talents!

By August 19, 2021August 20th, 2021Inside Forge3
Inside Forge3 - Hidden Talents - Collage of Team Doing Activities

Our team is talented!

We already knew our team was super talented when it comes to the terrific work they do here at Forge3, but we asked everyone about their hidden talents, the ones that have nothing to do with work, to see what they’d say. Here’s what they shared!

Steph Brace
Hidden Talents - Framed Pencil Drawing of Woman

Steph, a Visual Designer, says…

I love figure drawing, especially in pencil or charcoal. But my hidden talent is extra hidden now that I lost nearly all my drawings in a flood! This sketch managed to stay dry, so she’s a keeper!

Liz Allebach
Hidden Talents - Computer and Papers on Desk With Treadmill

Liz, our Product Implementation Manager, says…

My talent is that I walk while I work! I hacked together a treadmill desk to help me stay active during times where I’d typically be sitting. I have fully mastered walking while designing.

Alexis Nasser
Hidden Talents - Alexis Playing Basketball

Alexis, a Client Experience Manager, says…

Sports! Basketball, volleyball, softball, etc.

Kayla Mjaatvedt
Hidden Talents - Lined White Paper with Rows of Caligraphy Lettering

Kayla, another Client Experience Manager, says…

I have always been told I have nice handwriting, like I could have my own font! That’s led me to take up hand lettering/calligraphy as a hobby and potential side biz.  

Eric Martinez
Hidden Talents - Containers of Play-Doh Stacked Next to Pokemon Card and Sculpture

Eric, a Visual Designer, says…

Ok so a talent I have is I am pretty good with modeling clay. I didn’t have any near me, but I had my kid’s Play-Doh. I made a “rough” model of a Pokemon called Bulbasaur.

Ian Zeiders
Hidden Talents - City of Buildings and Houses Built from Legos

Ian, our Lead Content Manager, says…

My hidden talent is city planning at LEGO scale.

Justine Sorrentino
Hidden Talents - Cornhole Board With Beach Theme on Sand

Justine, a Content Manager, says…

One of my talents or hobbies is painting. Here is a photo of beach-themed cornhole boards I painted. 

Joleen Fetter
Hidden Talents - Rows of Green and Red Cookies With Chocolate Pieces on Top

Joleen, a Visual Designer, says…

I’m not much of a baker, but the one thing I got down is making holiday cookies. While I kept it simple this past year, I loved how festive they turned out. 🙂

Becky Hane
Hidden Talents - Becky With a Violin and Bow Surrounded by People and Chairs

Becky, a Content Manager, says…

I’ve played violin for 15 years now, and I’m looking to join a semi-professional orchestra soon hopefully!

Kassie Rainford
Hidden Talents - 2 Image Collage of Kassie With Her Daughter With Field Hockey Stick

Kassie, a Project Manager, says…

I have a lot of hobbies and interests. Not sure how talented I am at any of them, but the one thing that I feel I am pretty good at and really do enjoy the most is coaching. Here is a picture of me coaching my daughter and her team in field hockey on one of the coldest days of the year! The other photo is of us after a big tournament win! 

Ewa Henderson
Hidden Talents - Bowl of Brown Dog Food With Carrots Pieces and Peas With a Spoon

Ewa, a Visual Designer, says…

My hidden talent is making homemade dog food!

Monika Baraket
Hidden Talents - Brown Striped Crocheted Basket

Monika, our Chief Operating Officer, says…

In my spare time, I love to crochet and often make baskets!

Melissa Marzan
Hidden Talents - Toy Gun, Money, Fake Cigars, and Roses on Table

Melissa, a Project Manager, says…

I have a talent for coming up with some pretty unique party themes and designing invites and decorations for them! This was one of my most recent, a first birthday party for a friend’s daughter who they call “The Boss.” We went with the mafia theme and I made cigars out of napkin stickers and Twix, and put fake money all over the table!

Keira Lenig
Hidden Talents - Beignets Stacked on a Plate Covered in Powdered Sugar

Keira, a Visual Designer, says…

I enjoy baking and cooking so recently I made some delicious beignets!

Jeff Teschke
Hidden Talents - Jeff at a Piano With Hands on Keys

Jeff, our Founder and CEO, says…

My talent is playing piano!

Carolyn Enigk
Hidden Talents - Carolyn Smiling and Holding a Cupcake

Carolyn, a Client Experience Manager, says…

My talent is baking!

Rose Hayes
Hidden Talents - 9 Image Collage - Snowman, Bear, Cards, House, Apples with Hats, Scarf, Snowman Earrings

Rose, our Lead Project Manager, says…

Couldn’t pick one “arts & craft” pic to share so I made a collage!

Jillia English
Hidden Talents - Earrings on Cardboard

Jillia, a Visual Designer, says…

I create pottery in my free time, and other than making utilitarian pieces, I also like to create ceramic earrings painted with 14k gold!

Michelle Longo
Hidden Talents - Collage of Pictures of Potato, Bell Pepper, Orange, and Slice of Bread with Faces

Michelle, our Digital Marketing Specialist, says…

I have a knack for finding faces in my food. It’s an incredibly useless talent, but it does make me happy!

Devon Beck
Hidden Talents - Laptop Keyboard With Hands Typing

Devon, our Director of Technology, says…

I think my biggest talent is the ability to go into “focus mode” at work, so my wife or kids could have an entire conversation with me and I wouldn’t even know it! (Devon couldn’t provide an image of himself focusing, so we improvised with a stock photo of what we assume his hands look like when he works!)

Tracy Rivers
Hidden Talents - Chairs, Gazebo, a Table, and a Round Rug on Outdoor Deck

Tracy, a Digital Marketing Consultant, says…

I love to design and decorate, especially with unique repurposed items. So this is my deck and my “outside” office. The deck railing has built-in tables with outdoor bar stools and it was all repurposed from a local restaurant called Matt the Millers, located in Grandview, Ohio.