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Inside Forge3: Pets!

By September 27, 2021Inside Forge3
Inside Forge3 Pets - Collage of Animals with the Text Inside Forge3 Pets on Top

We love our pets!

We are a bunch of animal lovers over here! Since we can’t resist cute pics of pups and kitties, we asked our team to show us their fur babies. Take a look at these cuties!

Bethany Jorgensen
World Pet Day - Bethanys Dog Face

Bethany, a Project Manager, says…

This is Gherkin! He is a long haired Miniature Dachshund. He is a perfect angel that we are utterly obsessed with!

Jillia English
World Pet Day - Jillias Cat and Dog Looking Out a Window

Jillia, a Visual Designer, says…

I currently have a black and white kitty named Lenny and a Cocker Cavalier pup named Shelly. I got them when they were both babies, so they grew up together and became best friends! Shelly never leaves my side, no matter what I am doing.

Kassie Rainford
World Pet Day - Kassies Dog on Grass

Kassie, a Project Manager, says…

Nelly is our 4 year old Goldendoodle. She is so lovable! She enjoys playing with her friends, swimming, and going for runs with Mom!

Justine Sorrentino
World Pet Day - Justine's Dog Sitting Near Window and Flowers

Justine, our Operations Manager, says…

Sonny is our three-year-old pup. He craves much attention, enjoys chasing bunnies and squirrels, and can scale our neighbor’s fence without much effort. He also likes treats, belly rubs, and car rides.

Alexis Nasser
World Pet Day - Alexis Dog in Front of Wood Pile

Alexis, a Client Experience Manager, says…

Dudley is our 4 year old Silver Lab/Weimaraner and is truly our best friend!

Michelle Longo
World Pet Day - Collage of Michelles Dogs

Michelle, our Digital Marketing Specialist, says…

Dexter is on the left. He was with us from 1998 until 2012. Shasta is on the right. We got her from a rescue in 2016 when she was about 8 years old. We lost her in 2019, so while our time with her was short, we were able to give her a good home for her last few years.

Carolyn Enigk
World Pet Day - Carolyn Holding a Dog

Carolyn, a Client Experience Manager, says…

This is my nephew, Morty! His belly drags on the ground and he doesn’t walk, he waddles!

Monika Baraket
World Pet Day - Monikas Dog Holding a Toy

Monika, our Chief Operating Officer, says…

Rusty is some sort of a terrier mix, we think maybe a Cairn terrier. We adopted him from the Lehigh County Humane Society when he was 6 months old; he is 2 years old now. He is the sweetest dog. Super quiet, loves to cuddle, and adores his toys. He carries them around and cleans them constantly!

Ewa Henderson
World Pet Day - Ewas Dog and Cat

Ewa, a Visual Designer, says…

Here’s my pup Maya who only tolerates wearing a bandana when I have cookies in my hand. In fact, she’ll do anything when treats are involved! And then there’s my lazy kitty Misha who loves to nap all day, but is super vocal when it comes to food time.

Becky Hane
World Pet Day - Beckys Dogs Sleeping

Becky, a Content Manager, says…

The brown dog with the cute ears and the fluffy face whose more than a little weird is Holly. She’s an Eskimo Spitz and Fox Terrier mix. The black and white dog snuggled up in his bed outside in the sun is Rascal, who we, unfortunately, had to put down two years ago in October of 2019. He was a Rat Terrier, and he lived to be 18 years old—he was almost as old as me.

Zack Yurch
World Pet Day - Zacks Dog Laying in Dog Bed

Zack, our Director of New Business, says…

This is Gracie Lou, she’s a schnoodle who loves the insurance industry!

Tracy Rivers
World Pet Day - Tracys Dogs Sitting Near Ottoman

Tracy, a Digital Marketing Consultant, says…

My furbaby rescues, Kylie and Chance. They are great office companions.

Liz Allebach
World Pet Day - Lizs Dog Laying on Desk

Liz, our Product Implementation Manager, says…

Phoebe is our pandemic puppy! However, she is not a puppy but an amazingly tiny 4-year-old Shih Tzu that we rescued. She sits by my side ALL day while I work – she even begs to “go to work” on the weekends. She was the best thing that happened to us!

Devon Beck
World Pet Day - Devons Dogs Laying Together

Devon, our Director of Technology, says…

Luna Lovegood Pancakes Beck, a.k.a. “Poochie Pants,” loves to snuggle, chase squirrels, and bark commands at her family. Mya Dobby Cinnamon Beck, a.k.a. “The Beast,” loves to snuggle, chase squirrels, and aggressively lick our faces off.

Sam Peiffer
World Pet Day - Collage of Sam With His Cat and Three Dogs

Sam, our Technical Platform Administrator, says…

This is Milo, Emmie, Bella, and Maggie!

Steph Brace
World Pet Day - Stephs Dog Sitting on Grass

Steph, a Visual Designer, says…

This is our Shih Tzu mix, Buddy, who we adopted the day after Christmas and named after Buddy the Elf! His favorite hobby is playing Fetch, which includes at least three minutes of tug per toss. 

Keira Lenig
World Pet Day - Keiras Dog Sleeping

Keira, a Visual Designer, says…

Obi-wan is a sleepy pooch! He keeps me company while I work and his snoring can be heard from across the house.

Kayla Mjaatvedt
World Pet Day - Kaylas Cats Sleeping

Kayla, a Client Experience Manager, says…

These are my fur babies, Charlie and Teddy! They are going on almost 7 years old, but are as rambunctious and energetic as the day I rescued them!

Joleen Fetter
World Pet Day - Joleens Dogs Face

Joleen, a Visual Designer, says…

Here is a closeup of my four-legged rescue pup who came all the way from Tennessee. Meet Fudge!