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Kudos to You!

By April 4, 2012June 17th, 2020Inside Forge3, Jeff's Thoughts

When it comes to business, I learned a lot from my dad (and mom!). My dad worked his way up the ranks and retired as President and CEO of a big insurance agency a few years ago. In that role, he spent a lot of his time and energy sharing career advice with his 250 320 person team. One thing that he always recommended was to keep a “Kudos” file. Here are the top three reasons YOU should do the same.

What is a “Kudos” file?

Anytime someone says something nice about you, save it! Usually, these days, it’s done via email. So, create a folder in Outlook (or whatever program you use) called “Kudos.” Save a copy of all of the nice things people say about you there.

Top 3 reasons to have a “Kudos” file.

  1. When it comes to marketing, having real world testimonials is important. It helps establish credibility. That’s why, when we’re creating a new website for a client, we’ll usually ask for them. Most people scramble. But, if you have a “Kudos” file, you’ll be ready to rock and roll – whether using those kudos on your website, Facebook page, brochure, or anything else.
  2. It makes you feel good. It’s true! Business can be tough. Sometimes the little things, like seeing all of the nice things people say about you (or your company), can give you the motivation you need to “forge ahead” and make stuff happen.
  3. The reason my dad suggested keeping a “Kudos” file was for a different reason. For his team, the “Kudos” file (which he sometimes called the “Me” file) was a way for his team to be prepared for their annual performance review, promotion, or any other business plans.

Get started today!

If you don’t have a “Kudos” file, start one. And, when you do, remember to ask your clients or customers for feedback and you’ll collect plenty of kudos for your “Kudos” file…at least let’s hope so!

Keep hustling!