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Liz Allebach Promoted to Lead Visual Designer

By January 6, 2020June 17th, 2020Inside Forge3, Remote Work
Liz Allebach promoted to Lead Visual Designer

I knew Liz was a great fit for Forge3 the moment I met her. That was two years ago in a conference room at Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

It was Fall of 2017 and we were having our bi-monthly team meeting. Forge3 was a team of five at that time. Liz walked into the conference room exuding confidence and greeted everyone in a friendly, but very matter-of-fact way. She was the only candidate who brought a design portfolio to showcase her work and experience. In fact, she had copies for everyone in the room. For every question we asked her, she had a solid response. No fluff, no filler words, just confident answers.

It was so refreshing and I was ready to make her an offer right then and there! Of course, I had to hold myself back just a bit to make sure the rest of the team felt the same way. And they did.

In two short years, Liz has grown tremendously in her role as Visual Designer. Her website designs are impressive and truly represent the uniqueness of each agency she works with. Her approach is thoughtful, strategic, and flexible. She treats each project like the most important project, because it is.

But outside of that, Liz has proven to be a great leader. She’s an incredible resource to the Production Team, not just our Visual Designers, but Content Managers and Project Managers alike. She’s our go-to on all questions related to ActiveAgency. And I mean ALL questions.

Liz has also been instrumental in our hiring initiative this past year, assisting with hiring, onboarding, and training our new team members. As part of that initiative, she developed and continues to manage our Forge3 Playbook training manual, which is regularly used by our entire Production Team.

One of her biggest accomplishments this year has been the development of the newest version of ActiveAgency, which we call “Purple.” Liz led the entire initiative, collaborating with various members of our team, to deliver a platform packed with style, best-in-class features, and one-of-a-kind tools every independent insurance agency needs to stay competitive in the changing landscape.

I’m excited to announce that Liz’s many accomplishments, hard work, and dedication to the team have earned her a well-deserved promotion to Lead Visual Designer! In this new role, Liz will continue to be instrumental in leading our designs, improving the ActiveAgency platform, collaborating on Forge3 marketing initiatives, and working on design process improvements.

Please join me in congratulating Liz on her success and many accomplishments!