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Power to the Pita (A Story of Being Different)

By September 3, 2014May 17th, 2022Inside Forge3, Jeff's Thoughts
Power to the Pita (a story of being different)

Quick story. A few weeks ago, my parents were visiting from Florida. It’s always great to see them, especially now that we have two little kiddos for them to spoil. One night, we needed something quick for dinner, so we headed across the street to The Pita Pit. My wife Eileen stayed home with Connor (our little 7 month old), so it was just Ella (now 2.5 years old), my folks (older than 2), and me (somewhere in between). The last thing on my mind was business, but life has a funny way of surprising us, doesn’t it?

We walked in and a young guy behind the counter smiled and said,

“Welcome to The Pita Pit! Hey, you’re Jeff…Jeff Teschke, right?”

Wait. How did he know that?

It’s not like I’m a “regular” here. In fact, far from it.

Plus, my last name isn’t exactly the easiest to remember, yet he knew it.

He then said,

“I remember you. You have those cool business cards, right? The really thick ones.”

Ahh. Now I remember!

When Eileen was pregnant with Connor, she was on a pita kick. So, Operation Daddy Delivery was in full effect! My routine entailed swinging by The Pita Pit, grabbing “the usual” (with extra pickles!), and then heading home with the goods.

One of those times, Matt was behind the counter. He owned the joint.

I’ve always been fascinated by different businesses, so I asked him about The Pita Pit, how he got started, and his plans for the future. I also gave him one of my MOO Luxe business cards.

We only spent 10 minutes talking, but he remembered that conversation…and, perhaps more importantly, he remembered me.

Is it worth it?

MOO Luxe business cards are not cheap. That’s not their purpose. They are designed to be different. To make an impression.

Sure, it’s possible to get cheaper, normal-looking business cards. Heck, these days, you can even get them for free.

But, we only have one chance to make that first impression.

And, for that reason alone, I think MOO Luxe business cards are worth the 50 cents per card.

This little story is just one example why.

Life is full of stories.

I love little stories like this. They seem to happen all around us, but sometimes pass us by unless we capture them somehow.

And, thanks to Matt for always giving my daughter extra pickles. She sure does love those pickles…just like her mommy!