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Should You Add Live Chat to Your Website?

By June 16, 2016June 17th, 2020Inside Forge3
Should you add live chat to your website

One month ago, we quietly added live chat to our Forge3 website.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. Would anyone use it? Is it worth it? What if we’re not available to chat 24/7 (which we’re not)? Would that create a bad experience?

Now, just one month into it, we’ve already handled 15 chat sessions, which is about one every other day.

So, yes, people are using it. Good!

And, it’s actually a great way to communicate. It’s easy for both them and us.

Here’s one of my favorites…

Should you add live chat to your website - 1

So, in a mere 3 minutes, mission accomplished. That’s certainly a lot easier than calling or emailing, isn’t it?

Making it easy.

Part of being successful in today’s always-connected world is being accessible. Live chat helps with this.

And, as far as our initial concern about not being available 24/7, it’s a non-issue. Chat services handle it beautifully. In fact, as you’ll see if you visit, the chat box looks more like a text messaging app on your smartphone than a traditional chat window. That alone makes it feel more approachable, regardless of whether or not we’re available to chat.

There are other cool features that we’re using, too. For example, on some pages, if visitors spend a certain amount of time looking around, the chat box auto-opens asking if they have any questions. Pretty cool stuff.

Feel free to give it a try on our website and you’ll see how it works.

Chat soon.