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Team Day: Lehigh County Humane Society

By September 20, 2021October 1st, 2021Inside Forge3
Team Day - Lehigh County Humane Society - Collage of Team Volunteering at Animal Shelter

Forge3 gives back to the community.

It’s no secret that we love team days around here. In July, Forge3 had the opportunity to volunteer at the Lehigh County Humane Society in Allentown, PA. This organization cares for over 200 animals each day, providing food, medical care, foster homes, adoption services, lost pet services, cruelty investigations, community outreach, and education. Since we have plenty of animal lovers in this crew, the Humane Society was the perfect place to spend some time lending a hand!

Hey, hey! The gang's (mostly) all here!
Lehigh County Humane Society - Team Standing Around Sign

A team photo to commemorate the day.

Team Day wouldn’t be complete without a group shot! Standing, left to right, are Eric, Rose, Melissa, Sam, Steph, Bethany, Justine, Ian, Carolyn, Becky, Monika, Liz, Joleen, and Keira. Kneeling are Kayla, Jillia, and Kassie.

Helping with the animals.
Lehigh County Humane Society - Collage of 4 Images of Team With Animals

Some worked directly with the animals.

You can’t volunteer at the Humane Society without working with some animals, and members of the team got some hands-on time with their new furry friends.

Walking dogs comes with the territory.
Lehigh County Humane Society - Collage of Photos of Team Walking Dogs

Can this even be considered work?

These puppers needed to be walked so we jumped right in to help with that! 

There were plenty of tasks available for the team.
Lehigh County Humane Society - Collage of Team Members Painting a Building and Gardening

We helped out in other ways, too!

Liz, our Product Implementation Manager, said, “The non-animal helping crew helped paint a house, cleaned the administration office’s kitchen, and pulled weeds around the property. The animals steal the show, but it was nice to give back in less obvious ways to really help this non-profit.”

And Becky, a Content Manager, said, “I really enjoyed painting, even though I ended up with it speckled all over my hands and legs. There’s just something about doing manual labor like painting that gives you such a sense of satisfaction when it’s done and you can see the final product.”

Lehigh County Humane Society - Collage of Photos of Dogs

Speaking of animals stealing the show…

Get a load of these cuties!

Lehigh County Humane Society - Collage of Photos of Cats

And let’s not forget our feline friends!

Jillia, a Visual Designer, said, “My favorite part of the day would be the special needs kitty falling asleep on me.” Sleepy kitties do make for a purr-fect day, no? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

Taking lots of pictures was essential.
Lehigh County Humane Society - Collage of Bethany Making Faces With Dogs and Cats

Bethany’s selfies were spectacular.

Bethany, a Project Manager, said, “It was so much fun volunteering with our team and the fact that I got to pet and walk dogs all morning was my perfect kind of day.” It’s pretty obvious Bethany had a great time!

Refueling after volunteering.
Lehigh County Humane Society - Collage of Group Pictures at Hibachi Restaurant

The team enjoyed a hibachi lunch to round out the day.

That was quite a flame the team encountered, but we promise everyone had an excellent time.

Eric, a Visual Designer, said, “What I enjoyed was seeing the enthusiasm that I see daily in Slack and Zoom come to life in front of my eyes. I also enjoyed the casual chats here and there while accomplishing a common goal and getting closer to the team.”

Another successful Team Day is in the books!

Justine, our Operations Manager, had this to say, “It was lovely to get out and do some good for the community after a crazy year. We are so grateful we were able to help the incredible team at LCHS and their cute little animals.”

We work hard and we play hard. And, sometimes, we combine the two for a fantastic day of volunteering!