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Technology + Human Touch = the Sweet Spot for Insurance Agencies

By January 31, 2019June 17th, 2020ActiveAgency, Inside Forge3
Technology + human touch = the sweet spot for insurance agencies

I love technology. You should, too.

It’s the one thing we can all use to get an advantage.

It makes us more efficient. It saves us money. It allows us to reach more people.

Technology should also play a pretty big part in creating an awesome customer experience.

But, that doesn’t mean it replaces the human touch. People should always be what makes us and the experience we’re all trying to create (with the help of technology) special and memorable.

Here’s one little example…

Put your tray tables up.

I was flying home from Vegas this past weekend. Zack and I were there for IAOA’s INNOVAT19N conference (check out our new booth – and Zack’s fancy steamer).

On one of my flights, the flight attendant read through the safety briefing “live” and added a bit of her own personality. I’ve heard these briefings 1,000 times, but I half listened because it was a little different and had a human touch.

On another flight, the safety briefing was prerecorded. The flight attendant (who I think was new) stumbled around and hit the wrong button. The wrong message played. Awkward. Eventually, he got the right message cued up.

Here’s the thing, though.

It was robotic. Boring. Zero personality. No human touch. It sounded like a bad infomercial from the 90s. Nothing about it was memorable. In fact, it was painful.

I’m not saying every safety briefing should be like this one below (gotta love Southwest!), but it does underscore my point, doesn’t it?

Automation, drip campaigns, and chat bots, oh my!

There are a ton of tools out there, many of which we’ll be talking about this year. Any of them can be your secret weapon.

But, they can also turn your agency into a cold, boring safety briefing if you’re not careful. The sweet spot is right in the middle. Inject your culture into the tools and ALWAYS make sure it feels human in the end. That’s the art.

Like I said, I love technology. But we all love people more.