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The Aftermath of the Lost Domain

By August 4, 2016June 17th, 2020Inside Forge3
The aftermath of the lost domain

Remember that story last week about the business whose domain name expired causing their email and website to stop working?

Well, after almost two weeks of frustration and thousands of missed emails and website visitors, they’re finally back up-and-running.

It cost them $3,000 to get the domain name back and an additional $600 for the brokerage fee. While that’s not a fun check to write, it could have been much worse.

As I mentioned last week, the best way to prevent this is to:

  • Maintain ownership of your domain name registration account
  • Ensure you have a current credit card and contact info on file
  • “Lock” the domain and set it to auto-renew

I’m sure if we asked Smokey Bear about this, he’d say something profound, like:

“Only YOU can prevent expired domains.”