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Why I Will Always Answer the Phone

By June 7, 2019June 17th, 2020Inside Forge3
Why I will always answer the phone

If you call our main phone number during business hours, it rings the entire team. The idea is pretty simple. I always want a real human to say hello. Not rocket science.

Anyway, this includes me. In fact, we play a game internally and see who can answer the phone the fastest. Liz usually ends up winning (she’s probably great at Whac-A-Mole), but I manage to grab a few!

As we’ve been growing (we’re a team of 15 now), people seem surprised that I’m the one saying hello sometimes. I’ll never understand that. We’re all on the same team. There’s a saying…

If you’re going to run a hotel, you better make some beds.

Besides that, I want to hear the questions!

For example, this week, I had a great conversation with an agency owner about SEO, Google My Business, and content in general.

ActiveAgency includes a lot for the $250/month. Some features are more obvious, like the beautiful design, Clickable Coverage, Hello Producer, Video Proposals, and Notification Bars. Others are less obvious, like the dedicated location pages with “schema” markup, integrated Google maps, and SEO-friendly code.

The agency owner understood much of that, but also wanted to know what else they could be doing proactively to compete online. So, I shared our resources and a few other recommendations for creating content (to help with SEO).

Most importantly, calls like this keep me connected to the pulse of the company. When we hung up, I immediately moved a few things around on our to-do list. For example, we’ve been wanting to send a series of “drip” emails to each agency after their website launches. Now I want to do that even sooner!

The call also reminded me that our job isn’t just to have the industry’s best website platform or sales tools. It’s also to educate, explain, and inspire agencies to compete like never before using those tools.

This is why I answer the phone. And reply to support requests. And answer every person who replies to my weekly emails.

Do you do the same?