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Why Keeping Your Domain Name and DNS Under Your Control Is Important

By September 12, 2017June 17th, 2020Inside Forge3
Why owning and maintaining your agency's down DNS is important

DNS, aka Domain Name System.

Bored yet?

I know, it’s a bunch of tech jibberish, but there is one important thing you should keep in mind when it comes to DNS.

Keep it under your control! Don’t let your website company or tech people take it away from you. If you do, you’re putting your company at risk. Here’s why…

DNS—What the heck does that mean, anyway?

First things first, DNS stands for Domain Name System. Put very simply, when people type your website address into their browsers, DNS tells the internet where to find your website. Think of DNS as a bunch of internet pointers. There’s not much more to it. By the way, email works the same way—all using DNS.

Why is it important to keep access to your DNS?

With the success of our ActiveAgency website platform for insurance agencies, we’ve migrated quite a few websites away from other website providers. What’s surprising is that many times, other providers seem to have a practice of taking control of the agency’s DNS. This is risky and unnecessary. Here’s why.

Worse case scenario
What would happen if the website company went out of business or stopped being responsive to your requests?

The answer
You’d be stuck. You wouldn’t be able to make any changes to your website, email, or anything else that relies upon your domain name or DNS to work. In other words, you’d be at the mercy of the other company and would need to manually move things around – which is a pain and requires the skilled hand of someone who knows how to do it without breaking everything in the process (we’ve seen that happen, too!).

But, even if that “worse case scenario” doesn’t happen to you, it’s still a pain to wait for another company to update things that you should be able to do yourself. For example, in the case of ActiveAgency, if you have direct control and access to your domain name, we can launch the site within in hour. Otherwise, if your DNS is locked away at an outside third-party, it requires a bunch of coordination, communication, and technical work to get things straightened out. And, guess who has to get involved. You! Sounds like fun, right?! :)

Control yourself.

I realize DNS is a technical topic, which is likely why insurance agencies (and others) give up control so easily. They simply don’t know any better. I totally get that.

However, your domain name and related DNS are your intellectual property. Keep things under your control and limit the potential risk of losing your website, email, and other mission-critical stuff in the process!