F3 Network: April 21, 2022

Exclusive ActiveAgency Client Group

F3 Network - April 21, 2022
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3 ways to use ActiveAgency landing pages.

You have a great idea—a promotion to share, a new product launch, or an event you’re planning. You need to get the word out, but how? How can you leverage your website and drive people to the information they need to know?

Enter ActiveAgency dedicated marketing landing pages. These pages are an easy and effective way to share a message, whether you’re going to be sending a link in an email invite or you’re hoping to gain traffic through search. Each one is also designed to maximize conversions based on research, science, and what works best.

We’re putting together a stellar panel and hope you’ll join us to learn how these pages work, understand the research behind them, and see real examples.

We talk about that and more on this month’s F3 Network session!

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Our agenda.

Here’s what we covered!

  • Welcome to F3 Network
  • 3 Ways to Use ActiveAgency Landing Pages
    • How These Pages Work and the Research Behind Them
    • Agency Guest: Kaitlyn Doyle, Marketing Coordinator at The Satanoff Agency
  • Your Questions / Open Discussion

F3 NetworkWhat is F3 Network?

F3 Network is an exclusive client group just for agencies using ActiveAgency. It’s a place to connect, learn from one another, and uncover some of the best marketing strategies, tools, and success stories.

Each month, we have a loose agenda with some hot topics and sneak peeks, but we also want to keep it as interactive as possible. Think of it more like a friendly roundtable discussion than another one-way webinar presentation.