F3 Network: February 24, 2022

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F3 Network - February 24, 2022
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ActiveAgency + Rocket Referrals + AMS = Success

Ashley Brower-Whitney, President at Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies, emailed us a few week ago. Here’s what she said:

We are newer users of ActiveAgency and use it in conjunction with Rocket Referrals and our management system which is AMS360. I am BLOWN away with how amazing these tools have been for our agency.

We started sending out renewal review emails with links to the Policy Review form in the Client Center on our website in early December. Rocket Referrals has the automation that pulls in accounts that are renewing within 45 days and sends the emails to the insured. We have about a 24% conversion rate right now for completing the form.

I cannot tell you how many coverage gaps we’ve discovered and opportunities we’ve had to build the relationship with our clients and making sure they’re still covered correctly. It still baffles me when people make significant improvements to their homes and never think to call their agency, but this is a fantastic way to catch it!

We are also starting to utilize some of the other automation that Rocket Referrals offers, like cross selling accounts, winning back prior clients, etc. Utilizing Clickable Coverage within these emails and driving people to our website, I’m super optimistic!

I’m happy to talk about our experiences.

That sounds like a great topic to discuss! So we invited Ashley and our friend Torey Maerz, Co-Founder and CEO of Rocket Referrals, to chat about how it all works together.

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Our agenda.

Here’s what we covered!

  • Welcome to F3 Network
  • Seeing Success Using ActiveAgency, Rocket Referrals, and AMS Together
    • Agency Guest: Ashley Brower-Whitney, President at Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies
    • Special Guest: Torey Maerz, Co-Founder and CEO at Rocket Referrals
  • Your Questions / Open Discussion

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