F3 Network: March 24, 2022

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F3 Network - March 24, 2022
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Hiring rock stars in today’s competitive, remote-first world.

It’s tough to find good, loyal people. But if you want to grow your agency, it’s absolutely necessary. But how do you do it, especially in this competitive, remote-first world?

Long before the pandemic, Forge3 became a remote-first company. We have team members all across the country and often get asked about our hiring process. We share an inside look at how we do it and what we’ve learned along the way.

Art Betancourt, Principal and CEO at AEBetancourt, also joins us to share his recommendations from the front lines of his insurance recruiting business. What are candidates looking for in a career? What works best to attract talent? How important is the culture and public image of the agency? What can agencies do to become more attractive?

We talk about that and more on this month’s F3 Network session!

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Our agenda.

Here’s what we covered!

  • Welcome to F3 Network
  • Hiring Rock Stars in Today’s Competitive, Remote-First World
    • How We Do It and What We’ve Learned at Forge3
      • The Job Posting
        • Be transparent about salary
        • Provide a complete list of benefits
        • Add an application requirement
      • Candidate Review
        • Review applications that meet requirement
        • If it’s a match, follow up with a quick assignment
          • What’s an important skill?
        • If candidate is a good fit, schedule phone screen
          • Ask candidate to prepare
          • “Check out a small sampling of our launched ActiveAgency websites. During the interview, I’d like to hear which website is your favorite and why.”
      • Phone Screen
        • Stick to 30 minutes
        • Ask each candidate the same questions
        • Review next steps and set expectations
        • Compare the candidates
        • Select a few for the second round of interviews
      • In-Depth Interview
        • Invite the candidate to second round of interviews
        • Provide tips on how to prepare
        • Invite a colleague to participate
        • Take a deep dive
          • Interview the candidate and allow them to interview you, too
      • Final Round
        • 60-minute one-on-one job shadowing session
        • Team meet-and-greet
        • Team feedback and first impression
      • Additional Tips
        • Stay on top of communication
        • Be transparent on job, company, and hiring process
        • Make the candidate comfortable
        • Give each candidate an opportunity to have a successful interview process
        • Pay attention to details and read between the lines
        • Don’t forget to have a solid onboarding process
    • Special Guest: Art Betancourt, Principal and CEO at AEBetancourt
  • Your Questions / Open Discussion

F3 NetworkWhat is F3 Network?

F3 Network is an exclusive client group just for agencies using ActiveAgency. It’s a place to connect, learn from one another, and uncover some of the best marketing strategies, tools, and success stories.

Each month, we have a loose agenda with some hot topics and sneak peeks, but we also want to keep it as interactive as possible. Think of it more like a friendly roundtable discussion than another one-way webinar presentation.