F3 Network: March 25, 2021

Exclusive ActiveAgency Client Group

F3 Network - February 25, 2021
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60 minutes

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Look Amazing, Get Found, Sell More, Service Better

A rapid-fire session covering 20 questions.

20 questions in 60 minutes. This was definitely a fast-paced F3 Network session!

Zack, Liz, Alexis, Michelle, and I tackled some of the most common questions we hear from agencies, rapid-fire style! And yes, we recorded it.

Sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the show!

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Our agenda.

We covered a lot in 60 minutes!

F3 NetworkWhat is F3 Network?

F3 Network is an exclusive client group just for agencies using ActiveAgency. It’s a place to connect, learn from one another, and uncover some of the best marketing strategies, tools, and success stories.

Each month, we have a loose agenda with some hot topics and sneak peeks, but we also want to keep it as interactive as possible. Think of it more like a friendly roundtable discussion than another one-way webinar presentation.