Some questions we hear a lot.

Your questions about ActiveAgency, answered.

Will my website look the same as other ActiveAgency sites?

No. Unlike other providers, ActiveAgency is not a template solution. Rather, it’s a flexible, highly-customizable platform. We work hard to ensure that each website reflects the unique personality of the agency.

Really?! There are no long-term contracts?

We often hear that it must be too good to be true–but it’s not. We earn your business each and every month. You’re free to cancel at any time, whether it’s after one week or 10 years.

When does the $250/month billing start? What’s included?

Billing starts when you sign up, but a lot is included. Everything from a customized, mobile-friendly website, to all of our powerful sales and servicing features to help you look great, get found, sell more, and service better. Top-tier managed website hosting, SSL security, and unlimited updates and support are also included. We also handle ongoing security updates, do daily backups, as well as expand and enhance the platform on a regular basis.

Will my new ActiveAgency website work on mobile devices?

Absolutely. All ActiveAgency sites are fully mobile responsive. This is required in today’s mobile-first world. It also helps with SEO.

Is there a limit on the number of people we can add to Hello Producer?

Nope! The more the merrier.

Is live chat included, or is that a separate service?

75% of people want live chat. The service we recommend and use is Chatra. You can sign up for a free account with them and we’ll integrate it into your new website before launching. We find that around 70% of our insurance agency clients use live chat on their sites.

How long does the process take to launch our new website?

We find that a typical ActiveAgency project takes a month or so from completed questionnaire to launch. However, the actual timing depends upon many factors, including the level of customization, your availability, and the organic nature of a customized project like this.

Is there a limit to the amount of work or customization that’s included upfront?

Not within reason. ActiveAgency comes preloaded with 150+ SEO-friendly content pages. Once we understand the goal of your insurance agency website and design preferences, we get to work customizing the platform. We estimate that 95% of the time, we get it “right” the first time. However, when we don’t, we continue to work hard to ensure the site looks great, performs well, and best reflects your agency.

How does SEO work?

ActiveAgency is designed with search engine optimization (SEO) at the forefront. We spend quite a bit of time and effort upfront ensuring the website not only looks great and reflects your insurance agency, but also features the desired keywords to help improve search rankings. A majority of insurance agencies see a nice improvement regarding SEO by simply moving to ActiveAgency.

For agencies looking to take it to the next level, powerful SEO tools are included within ActiveAgency to assist with creating and refining content. The integrated blog is great for sharing behind-the-scenes content, answering common questions, and providing valuable resources. All of this tends to help search rankings depending on the competition in your niche or geographic location.

Do I need to purchase the SSL security certificate?

No. We include the SSL security certificate and handle all aspects of installation, configuration, and renewal. In other words, you don’t need to worry about it.

Can ActiveAgency connect to our agency management system?

Most likely, yes. Typically, this is done by linking to an agency management system client portal solution like CSR24 or AMS360. Other integrations may also be possible, which we’re happy to discuss.

Can ActiveAgency connect to our email marketing platform?

Most likely. If you’re not yet using an email marketing platform, we recommend using Campaign Monitor. We can connect all of the forms on your new website to the system so that the email addresses and contact information are automatically fed into the system–ready for the next time you send an email blast.

Can the design, pages, content, and built-in forms be changed?

ActiveAgency is quite flexible. However, we use our current demo site as the starting point. That includes 200+ pages of content and a great design framework. We then customize it to reflect your agency. We pay close attention to the homepage, about pages, location pages, and any other content that’s unique to your agency. So, while our process allows for considerable flexibility, it doesn’t allow us to re-design the entire site from scratch. Your Project Manager will guide the way and keep things on track.

Where does the content come from?

ActiveAgency comes loaded with 200+ pages of great, SEO-friendly content. Many pages include Clickable Coverage graphics and lead capture forms. We focus a lot of attention on customizing content on the homepage, about pages, location pages, and any other pages that are unique to your agency. In addition, if your existing website has good, up-to-date content, we can use some or all of it. Typically, we merge it into our ActiveAgency demo site and start customizing from there.

Do I need to pay for website hosting separately?

No. Top-tier managed website hosting is included.

How are website updates handled once the site has been launched?

We provide full training and related materials when we launch your site so you can edit the website internally. After all, it is your site! Or, if you prefer, we’d be happy to make any changes or updates for you. For a vast majority of changes, we handle those at no additional cost. More substantial changes (like adding a bunch of new pages or moving a bunch of stuff around) may require significant work, in which case we let you know upfront if we need to bill extra for it. This is very rare, however.

My agency wants to use the chat feature on our site, but what happens if we’re not available to chat? Will we look bad?

If you’re not available, Chatra simply shows the visitor a message asking for their email address. That email address is then emailed to you (and/or others within the agency) so you can respond at your convenience. Chatra offers many configuration options related to messaging, appearance, and more. It’s a great platform.

Will we still have control over our agency’s domain name, email, etc.?

Absolutely. We don’t take over your domain name or email. You remain in full control, as you should.

What happens if we decide to cancel our ActiveAgency account?

You’re welcome to take anything that you originally provided to us. However, you are not allowed to copy ActiveAgency content, features, or design from your website.

Business will always be about people.

Without our reputation, we have nothing.

The one thing we care about more than anything is reputation. It doesn’t matter how fancy our website is or how cutting edge our ActiveAgency website platform is. If we don’t always do a good job, our reputation will suffer.

This is why we’re so incredibly proud of what others say about us. But, don’t take our word for it! Come see us at an industry conference, chat with us on our website, give us a call, or just read all of the good stuff on this page.

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