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Overhauling your ActiveAgency website has never been easier.

Keep your website and your insurance agency on the leading edge. Always.

Most agencies don’t worry about this until many years after launching their first ActiveAgency website, but you’re welcome to refresh your website at any time. Remember, routine updates and changes are always included in your ActiveAgency subscription. However, after a few years, you may want to refresh your agency website to feature the latest design, content, and features.

Here’s how it works. Easy peasy.

Get the latest version of ActiveAgency, optimized for lead conversions, engagement, and amazing design. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…and 4.


Request Refresh
Contact us and we’ll chat through the process.


Project Review
We review your current website and discuss the details.


Complete Questionnaire
Just like for your first ActiveAgency website, you complete the questionnaire.


Project Start
We invoice the project, confirm your start date, and get down to work!

NOTE: Given the demand, we can only accept a limited number of Refresh projects at a time. Your Project Manager will let you know what to expect.

Simple pricing. Just like it should be.

Given the significant custom work we put into each website project, there may be a small cost based on how long it’s been since your last ActiveAgency website launch. This helps cover costs related to your project. Here’s how it works.

Time Since Launch Refresh Pricing (one time)
Less than 1 year $3,000
1 – 2 years $2,500
2 – 3 years $2,000
3 – 4 years $1,500
4 – 5 years $1,000
5+ years FREE!

A few details and what to expect.

The pricing above assumes that we use the design, layout, and page content as it exists on our latest demo website. However, if you have aspects from your existing website that you’d like us to migrate to your refreshed website, such as pages or other content that you added to your website, let us know. If you’re able to capture that content in our standard document template, we can likely migrate it at no cost to you. However, if the design, layout, or content is more complex, we may need to scope a separate project.

Here are a few examples when additional work will likely be required:

  • If the page has anything other than text, links, headings, or bullets.
  • If the page has unique design or layout, such as tabs, expandable sections, and more.
  • If the page has photos, videos, or other graphics.

Either way, and as with any successful project, this is a team effort. We need your help to identify and capture any unique pieces of your existing website so that we can plan ahead and create an amazing new website with all of the latest features and benefits.

Need a hand? We’re ready to help!

Contact us and we’ll guide the way. See what others say.

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