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Encourage clients to give you great reviews online.

We all love great feedback, right? Plus, it’s good for online credibility and SEO, too! With ActiveAgency, it’s now easier than ever to collect it. Simply send clients a link to the form on your ActiveAgency website. That’s it!

Did you know that your Review Us form has some special powers? It’s true! If your client gives you a score of 8, 9 or 10, they are considered a “promoter” and will see links to your Google, Facebook and/or Yelp page so they can share the great feedback there.

However, if they give you anything lower than an 8, it will ask them to provide their feedback directly to you. We don’t want them sharing a bad experience or poor feedback with the outside world.

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Take the next steps with 5-star reviews.

Start getting more 5-star reviews for your agency today!

  • Email some of your best clients asking for feedback and include a link to the Review Us page.
  • Update your email signature to include a link to the Review Us page (“How am I doing?”).
  • If a client says something nice, send them the link and tell them you’re working on getting more 5-star reviews.

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