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Sell value over price and wow people with interactive graphics.

Your website includes some powerful selling tools. Clickable Coverage is definitely one of them!

These interactive graphics are featured throughout the website and help explain insurance to prospects and clients in a friendly, approachable way. They are designed to get people to focus on the value of having the right coverage vs. just getting the lowest premium.

Even if you don’t do anything mentioned below, remember that people will still be seeing the Clickable Coverage graphics throughout your agency website! They’ll get to them by searching for insurance in your area (SEO) and by clicking other links.

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A few ways to use Clickable Coverage.

If you want to take it to the next level, there are even more ways to leverage Clickable Coverage. Here are a few to get you started!


Send prospects a link before or after your meetings.
The next time you’re working with a prospect, send him/her a link to the page on your agency website with Clickable Coverage on it. Not only will they be impressed, but they’ll also learn about insurance and put less focus on the cost of the policy.


Reference it during the renewal process.
Just like you would with a new prospect, email existing clients a link to your agency website with the Clickable Coverage graphic that applies to them. They’ll have a better appreciation for having the proper coverage and focus less on the cost of the policy during the renewal.


Update your email signature to include links to scenes.
Think about how many emails you send in a typical day. A lot, right?! Add links to Clickable Coverage (and anything else) so that your recipients have one-click access to everything your agency offers.


Share the scenes on LinkedIn, your blog and social media.
Since Clickable Coverage is so unique, it’s great to share on social media! Take a screenshot or picture and share them on your various social media platforms. Always link back to the product page on your agency’s website so that your audience can click-and-learn about insurance and get in touch with you to learn more.


Leverage it during your face-to-face meetings.
Grab your laptop or tablet and tap through Clickable Coverage during your prospect or client meetings. We’ve heard from many producers that this “wow factor” has helped seal the deal with some of their biggest accounts. Give it a try!


Use it as an internal education and training tool.
Some producers like to reference Clickable Coverage to learn about topics or industries that are new to them. Simply open your agency website and explore the graphics.

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