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Highlight important news and events with a few clicks.

Notification Bars are a great way to highlight important information using a colorful bar at the bottom of the website.

For example, let’s say your office is closed for an upcoming holiday. Add a bar to let people know. Or, perhaps there’s a natural disaster on the horizon which will likely result in many claims. Add a bar. Is your office moving locations? Do you have a new coverage option or blog article you’d like to promote? You get the idea.

Or, just have one there all the time with your phone number and button to request a quote!

A step-by-step guide.

Explore the following guide to see detailed screenshots and steps for using Notification Bars.


Log in to ActiveAgency. To do that, add aalogin to the end of your website address, like this:

Help Center - How to Use Notification Bars - Step 1

NOTE: If you don’t remember your details, click Lost your password or contact us.


Click Notification Bars in the left menu and then click Add New.

Help Center - How to Use Notification Bars - Step 2


Complete the form click Publish.

Help Center - How to Use Notification Bars - Step 3

NOTE: Preview will not work. The only way to see the bar is to click Publish and visit the website.


Visit your agency’s website and see the Notification Bar along the bottom of the screen.

Help Center - How to Use Notification Bars - Step 4

NOTE: You may need to refresh the page a few times to see the bar. This clears the cache.

Take the next steps with Notification Bars.

Let your website visitors know what’s happening at your agency.

  • Add your first Notification Bar.
  • Contact us and we’d be happy to design and add your Notification Bars!

Need a hand? We’re ready to help!

Contact us and we’ll guide the way. See what others say.

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