Remote Work Hiring, Culture, and Tools (with Jeff and Monika)

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Resource - Remote Work Hiring, Culture, and Tools (with Jeff and Monika)
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How insurance agencies can work remotely, just like we do at Forge3.

Long before COVID-19, we ditched our traditional office in favor of remote work. We didn’t do this to save money (it’s actually more expensive), but because of all the benefits it offers. After transitioning to working remotely and tweaking things along the way, we can honestly say that our communication, workflow, and culture have never been better.

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Our agenda.

We turn on our webcams, open up the floor to questions, and share some of our best tips for working remotely.

  • The pros and cons of remote work.
  • Creating and maintaining an awesome culture.
  • The hybrid model (team days, reward trips, and fun stuff).
  • The tools we use to make it work.
  • Hiring and scaling a remote-first company.

Why we did this one.

We realize that this is not the norm for many businesses. We consistently get questions like this one:

“Can I pick your brain about how you maintain the positive team energy and spirit while working remote? We’re five months in and have embraced the new normal. The glaring exception is the camaraderie and team feeling that was previously derived from being in close physical proximity. I’d like to better understand how you’ve kept your team spirit in a virtual work environment. What does your communication with team members look like? Between team members? How often are you physically with your team as a whole or individually?” ~ Ryan, Agency Owner

So to help Ryan and everyone else who is interested in this stuff, we figured we’d host this informal Zoom session. Enjoy!

Hosted by.

  • Jeff Teschke
    Founder and CEO, Forge3
  • Monika Baraket
    Chief Operating Officer, Forge3

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