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How Your Site Looks Affects Your Agency’s Credibility


How your site looks affects your agency’s credibility

In an industry driven by reputation and relationship building, the most important part of your agency is you. But how does that translate into more leads through your website?

Personalization. And the key to personalizing your website starts with the visual elements that make your agency unique—team photos, agent headshots, and shots of your office building.

Real photos make a real impact

Real photos of your office and team members put a face to the name like nothing else can. And without that personal feel to your website, the more likely you are to get swept up in the competition.

What makes your local, independent agency different than a larger company is that you actually get to know your clients on a personal level, whether it’s over the phone or in person.

Take advantage of that by including high-quality photos of your team members. Seeing people can be the thing that triggers them to choose your agency.


Put a face to the name

In addition to adding a headshot for each of your team members, there’s more to the story here. In fact, it’s probably a good time to audit your team pages to include more than just the bare minimum.

Sure, a photo is great, but having it personalized even more with a bio, direct contact information, LinkedIn links, and job titles all work together to tell a story about who the team is that makes up your agency.


Building expectations

Whether your agency has one office or multiple, featuring photos of your office and signage establishes your agency’s brand. It also gives them an idea of what to expect when they visit, something to identify it when driving or walking by.

So don’t be a faceless company, be the personable, local agency that you are by featuring real office photos.


Make the best first impression

Like it or not, the first impression of your agency will be based upon the user’s experience with your site. While functionality is important, the visual elements on a site make the biggest impact.

Imagine loading a website only to find blurry images that you can barely see. For most people, that’s enough for them to abandon it for the next site on the search engine. That’s because the quality of the images reflects on the content of your site and the credibility of your agency.

By using high-resolution photos taken on a professional camera, you’re giving your agency what it needs to establish a connection with new connections by appealing to their visual

Team-Smiling-Pixellated Team-Smiling

Personalizing Hello Producer

Your ActiveAgency site is packed with awesome features, but Hello Producer is one of the most essential for agencies. It’s as close as an agent can get to hand their business card to a prospect online, a direct link that personalizes the contact information, as well as a headshot.

Just like we use our own photos on our live chat, you get that instant feel that you are interacting with a real person when you feature a real photo on your Hello Producer site.


Tell the story of your agency

Above all, the photos you use need to have a purpose and tell a story about your agency.

Whether it’s your team volunteering at a charity, a team photo at a convention, or a historical photo of the founding family, images that highlight what sets you apart gives people a glimpse of the culture and vibe of your agency in ways words cannot.

As always, if you need assistance with adding a photo, detailed DIY instructions, or just how to get your photos from camera to computer, we’re here to help!

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