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What to Expect After You Sign up for Social Media Ads

How to get the most out of Social Media Ads.

What to expect after you sign up for Social Media Ads

Goals and common questions

The goal of Social Media Ads is to raise awareness of your agency, get people to your website and encourage form submissions, phone calls and chat sessions.

Running targeted ads on social media is a powerful strategy to get your agency in front of the right people. We can reach just about any audience, show them a professionally-design ad and drive them to your agency’s website to learn more and reach out.

Before we get into the process, here are a few common questions:

How many leads will I get each month?
Social Media Ads isn’t a lead generation service. Will you have prospects contact you as a result of the ads? Usually, yes. However, the value in running targeted ads on social media is better calculated in looking at the number of ad impressions, people reached and visits to your website. Over time, this brand awareness helps position your agency as a leader in the space, which is great for business!

How does the billing and ad budget work?
There are two pieces to your overall cost each month. First, there’s the $250/month paid to Forge3 for the actual service. This will be a separate line item on your ActiveAgency invoice each month. Then, the only other piece is for the ad budget. That gets paid directly to Facebook (Instagram is owned by Facebook) using the credit card you have on file with them. If you don’t have that set up, no worries! That’s all part of the setup process. You can choose to change the ad budget each month or keep it the same. We recommend something around $200/month. However, you can choose more or less. The higher the budget, the bigger the numbers.

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How long will my ad run each month?
We find that the best results are achieved when running your ad campaign across a two-week span. Social Media Ads is optimized to maximize your results and deliver the best bang for the buck!

What if I want to take a break from running ads?
No problem! You’re not locked into anything. Social Media Ads is handled on a month-to-month basis and you’re able cancel at anytime. Just know that we need to go through the setup process again if you want to restart Social Media Ads again in the future.

What’s the difference between running an ad and just posting on my own?
Ads are a totally different beast and are much more powerful. They have very little to do with your general Facebook page or Instagram account.

Running ads allows us to choose exactly who you want to target. For example, perhaps you want to show your ad to people living within 50 miles of your agency, are 18 to 34 years old and are recently engaged or married. Or, as another example, let’s say you want to reach restaurant owners within certain cities. With Social Media Ads, you can! Your ad budget dictates how many of those people see the ad, so we have a lot of control over it.

In comparison, if you just post something on your own, only a small fraction of the people who “like” or follow you has a chance of seeing it. For example, let’s say you have 500 “likes” on Facebook. If you post something to your page, maybe only a dozen or so will actually see it.

Did you know?

We’re here when you need us! Call, email or chat with us at any time. Or, just follow the lead of your Digital Marketing Account Manager.

By the numbers

Most digital marketing focuses on these numbers:

  • Impressions: Times ad campaign was seen.
  • Reach: People who saw your ad campaign.
  • Clicks: Ad clicks (usually to your website).

The Social Media Ads process

What to expect after you sign up for Social Media Ads - Process

Initial Setup
Your assigned Digital Marketing Account Manager reaches out to schedule a kick-off call. During that call, we explain the process, get to know your agency and its goals, gain access to your social media and ad accounts and plan your first ad campaign!

Remaining setup only takes a few weeks after the kick-off call. During this time, we get to work on installing the tracking pixel on your website (to track traffic and conversions), creating your first ad campaign and preparing for the months ahead.

Audience Selection
We plan ahead in three-month chunks to streamline the process and make life easier for all. Using a simple online questionnaire that’s sent to you every three months, you tell us about how you’d like to target your next three ads. You have the choice to run the same ad across multiple months or change it up a bit. Either way, it’s your call and we help guide the way.

What to expect after you sign up for Social Media Ads - Quesionnaire

Once we know the goals of your ads and the type of people you want to reach, it’s time to design them! We follow best practices, use attention-grabbing imagery and limit the amount of text to increase engagement among your target audiences.

We send the ads to you for review and approval. If there are changes that need to be made, we take care of that until you’re happy with the results.

Once you approve your ad campaigns, our team gets the first ad scheduled on Facebook and/or Instagram. Ad campaigns typical run for two weeks. We take care of all of the technical stuff, including scheduling the ad, handling any issues, setting the budget and ensuring all looks good. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

While your ad is running, we closely monitor the results, in real-time, and catch any potential issues to ensure everything goes as planned. Since we work with many agencies, we know what to expect and what’s “good” in terms of performance.

After your monthly ad campaign is completed, you receive a report showing the performance of the campaign. Key data points include the number of times your ad campaign was seen, the number of people who saw the ad, the number of times your ad was clicked and more!

Of course, we’re always available to answer any questions or brainstorm new ad campaign ideas.

Otherwise, the process starts all over again!

Did you know?

It’s not uncommon to see social media ads delivered 95%+ via mobile devices. That’s why we design and optimize your ads for mobile devices, even though they’ll look great on desktop computers, as well.