How to Get the Most out of ActiveAgency

Live Chat

There's a reason we call it ActiveAgency. 🚀

How to get the most out of ActiveAgency

Live Chat

At Forge3, we often get more chat sessions than phone calls in a typical day. This is not uncommon as more and more people prefer the convenience of chat over email or phone.

If you’re not already, definitely consider embracing live chat on your ActiveAgency website. It’s easy to get started and shows that your agency is different than most. After a few months, you’ll have a good handle on how many people want to chat with you.

We can even do some cool stuff with chat, like automatically opening the chat window with a message if someone is on a page for a certain amount of time. For example, if someone is on the Home Insurance page for 60 seconds, they’re probably interested in learning more about home insurance. So, we can show them a chat message after 60 seconds asking if they have any questions. Pretty slick, huh?

NOTE: Some features may require that you pay the chat provider for an advanced plan.

Suggested Action Items

  • If you don’t have chat enabled on your ActiveAgency website, let us know and we’ll add it for you
  • Download, install and launch the chat app and make sure you’re logged in and ready to chat
  • Meet with your team to discuss how it works and devise a plan for who should be available to chat and when
  • Visit and explore best practices on how best to to configure your chat app

ActiveAgency Update Request

As an ActiveAgency subscriber, you’re welcome to email, chat or call us. Or, complete the form below. 👋🏻