How to Get the Most out of ActiveAgency

Wow, It Looks Great!

There's a reason we call it ActiveAgency. 🚀

How to get the most out of ActiveAgency

Wow, It Looks Great!

Your ActiveAgency website is already working hard to make your insurance agency look amazing. First impressions are more important than ever. And, these days, that often happens online.

We know you care about how you look online. That’s one of the reasons you chose ActiveAgency in the first place. And, unlike other website providers, each ActiveAgency website is uniquely yours. Our professional, in-house design team ensures it reflects who you are, where you are located and what you do. We don’t use rigid templates or force you into a one-size-fits all model. Nope! Not here.

That’s why our upfront process takes a little time. But it’s worth it. It’s your first impression.


Of all insurance shoppers start by searching online


The time it takes website visitors to form an opinion of your agency

Sources: J.D. Power | Missouri University of Science and Technology

According to J.D. Power’s U.S. Insurance Shopping Study, consumers shopping for insurance start by looking online. Will they find your insurance agency? If they do, what will they see?

It’s not good enough to merely get found online. In many ways, that’s the easy part. It’s what your prospects, clients and partners SEE and FEEL once they find you that matters most. And every single visitor to your website matters. You might not know the impact your website is making on people, but it’s working hard and is absolutely impressing visitors every day (even when you’re not thinking about it).

Sure, it’s impossible to quantify the impact, but this is one of the most important aspects of any modern website.

You wouldn’t wear sweatpants to a wedding, right?

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