Working Remotely—How to Make It Work (Live Panel Discussion)

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Resource - Working Remotely – How To Make It Work (Live Panel Discussion)
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Does working remotely really work?

At Forge3, we ditched our usual 9-to-5 office routine years ago and haven’t looked back. How do we do it? What did we learn along the way? Can you do the same?

In light of COVID-19, a lot of businesses are trying to figure out how to work remotely. So, we wanted to invite a few of our insurance business friends to talk about how and why it’s not only possible but oftentimes better than a traditional office.

This isn’t a sales pitch webinar. Rather, we simply felt the need to connect with other likeminded people to talk about the impact of COVID-19 and how we, and you, can navigate it going forward.

We share our webcams and screens, but also make this an interactive session with plenty of questions and conversation so we can all learn, be inspired, and leave a little more connected.

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Part 1.

Making it work for your team.

  • The Forge3 story (had an office, went remote, now hybrid).
  • Managing expectations and having the right team mindset.
  • The right people, tools, and process/workflow.
  • Culture is possible, but requires work (flex time, team days, trips, etc.).
  • Announcing sales, celebrating “kudos,” sharing photos, staying in touch.
  • So many tools, so little time.

Part 2.

Making it work for your clients, prospects, and partners.

Special thanks to our panel!

  • Jeff Teschke
    Founder and CEO, Forge3
  • Monika Baraket
    Chief Operating Officer, Forge3
  • Torey Maerz
    Founder and CEO, Rocket Referrals
  • Ashley Fitzsimmons
    Customer Experience Manager, OIA/IntellAgents
  • Keagan Henson
    CEO, BriteBee

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This was awesome! So nice. Thanks Jeff and Forge3 for all your great work.

Donna JamisoParticipant

This was very informative and gave me ideas to make our company work more efficiently with remote work in the coming weeks.

Vince CapaldiParticipant

Very valuable and appreciated!

Michael TrouillonParticipant

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