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Social Media Advertising for Insurance Agencies

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Social Media Ads

Cost-effective social media marketing for insurance agencies
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Social Media Ads is the easiest, most cost-effective way to attract prospects to your agency. Increase visibility, raise awareness, drive website traffic and collect form submissions, all without breaking the bank!

Facebook and Instagram are powerful social platforms. Using custom-designed ads, we can target just about any group of prospects, clients and referral partners you can imagine. The ads drive people to pages within your ActiveAgency website, featuring information about your agency, interactive Clickable Coverage graphics, integrated quote request forms and more.

Social Media Ads is the best way to tap into the power of social media marketing for your insurance agency.

Suggested Social Media Platforms

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Average Results w/ $200 Ad Budget


Prospects Reached


Website Visits


Website Form Submissions

These are the average results of running a two-week ad campaign on Facebook.

Precise Targeting

Reach your ideal insurance prospects

Targeted social media ads are a lot different than simply posting something to your business’ Facebook page. When you post something on your own, only a fraction of the people who like or follow your agency has a chance to see it.

So, let’s say 500 people like your Facebook page. When you post something, a very small percentage of those 500 people will ever see it—perhaps just a few dozen. That’s not good, is it?

Social Media Ads is the solution. Want to reach affluent personal lines families within your state? No problem. How about restaurant owners within 50 miles of your agency? Sure! You get the idea. The ads are only shown to the people you choose, so they can be very targeted.

And, that’s why they work so well.

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Social Media Ads - Precise Targeting

Powerful Ads

Creative, custom-designed ads that work

We create custom-designed ads for your agency that are specifically tailored to reach your audience. And, since we work with a lot of insurance agencies, we know firsthand what works and what doesn’t on each platform.

For most agencies, we recommend starting with Facebook ads. Facebook has the most active users and targeting options, which makes for very powerful and cost-effective ads. Instagram can also work, depending upon the target audience. Regardless, the ads we design always reflect your insurance agency.

Each social media ad campaign consists of text, images and a link to your agency website. We handcraft each of these elements in keeping with the personality of your agency and target audience.

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Proven Results

Results you can see and measure

Social media advertising is cost effective and reportable. We can see exactly what’s working best by reviewing the monthly reports.

Each month, you receive an email containing your report. It’s comprehensive, yet still easy to read. On the report, you’ll find a bunch of useful information, including:

  • Number of times the ad was seen
  • Number of people who saw the ad
  • Number of ad clicks (website visits)
  • Amount spent (ad budget)
  • …and more!

We use these reports to refine the ad campaign for the following month. Or, if you’d like to target a new audience with a new ad campaign, we can do that, too!

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Social Media Ads - Proven Results

Social Proof

Our business is built on relationships, reputation and referrals


per month
+ Ad Budget

NO Setup Fees / NO Long-Term Contracts
Everything is included. Nice and simple.

FYI: ActiveAgency is required for Social Media Ads.

50% ERIE MarketShare Eligible!

  • Social Platform Setup
  • Tracking Pixel Setup
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Clickable Coverage Integration
  • Monthly Ad Campaign Design
  • Ad Placement and Targeting
  • Active Monitoring
  • Ongoing Reporting
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Long-Term Contracts
+ Ad Budget

You choose the ad budget each month. That’s paid directly to the social platform and is in addition to the pricing above. We suggest $200/month, but you can choose to spend more or less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions we hear a lot

Do we need to be using ActiveAgency for this to work?

Yes. ActiveAgency is required since we use many of the built-in features, pages and technology. This is one way we’re able to keep Social Media Ads cost-effective and streamlined. We can even get started while your ActiveAgency site is being built.

Really?! There are no setup fees or long-term contracts?

We often hear that it must be too good to be true, but it’s not. We earn your business each and every month. You’re free to cancel at anytime—whether it’s after one week or 10 years.

When does the $250/month billing start? What’s included?

Social Media Ads is listed on your monthly ActiveAgency invoice as a separate line item. The first month is focused on getting all of the necessary pieces in place, including your ad account, tracking pixels, reporting and more. Then, starting with month two, we run your targeted ad and provide detailed reporting. We’re always one chat, email or call away throughout the entire process.

How does targeting on social media work?

Social media advertising offers extensive targeting options. For example, we can target restaurant owners within 50 miles of the agency. That’s just one example. We work with you upfront to understand your agency’s goals and then configure all of the necessary technical details to ensure your ad is only shown to the people you care about reaching.

Which audiences can we select to target?

That’s up to you! Tell us what type of business you’re looking to attract to the agency and we determine your ideal geographic location(s) and any other targeting criteria to ensure we maximize your ad budget each month.


What should I expect during a typical month?

After the first month, your ad runs on the chosen social network and is shown to your target audience. As it does, your insurance agency gains significant brand exposure and increased website traffic. At the beginning of the month, you receive an interactive report showing how many people saw your ad, the number of clicks and more. Additional information may be found at anytime within the ad platform, as desired.

Is the ad budget included in the $250/month?

No. To provide the greatest flexibility, you pay the social platform directly for the ad using your credit card stored in their ad system. Unlike many advertising agencies, we don’t take a cut of the ad budget.

We typically recommend starting with an ad budget of around $200/month. However, some agencies choose to start with less. Just remember—the bigger the budget, the bigger the results. It’s truly “pay to play.”

The monthly ad budget may be adjusted each month, so you’re not locked into a long-term commitment and can always increase the budget once you see the desired results. We guide the way.

How many leads will I get each month?

Social Media Ads isn’t purely a lead generation service. Will you have prospects contact you as a result of the ads? Usually, yes. However, the real value in running targeted ads on social media is better calculated in looking at the number of ad impressions, people reached and visits to your website. Over time, this brand awareness helps position your agency as a leader in the space, which is great for business!

Will my ads work on mobile devices?

Absolutely. In fact, most social ad traffic comes from mobile, so it’s critically important that we optimize the ad design, content and landing page for mobile first.

How does the reporting work?

Each month, we send you an email with a report covering your most recent ad campaign and its performance.

Which social media platforms work with Social Media Ads?

Social Media Ads is focused on advertising using Facebook and Instagram. This is because Facebook and Instagram deliver a higher volume of results at a lower cost. In short, advertising on Facebook and Instagram are the best way to get more bang for your buck!


What happens if we decide to cancel our Social Media Ads account?

Your ad campaign stops running. It’s as simple as that.

Can we restart our account after it's been canceled?

Sure! However, keep in mind that the first month will be a setup month again.