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Social Media Ads

You have a great-looking ActiveAgency website, with all of the powerful sales and servicing tools built in. Let’s get it in front of the right people.

Increase visibility

Get in front of your ideal audience using the power of targeted social ads.

Raise awareness

Your prospects and clients see targeted ads with interesting content to encourage action.

Drive website traffic

Prospects visit your website to learn more about your agency.

Build relationships

Share valuable information to build trust and reinforce relationships.

The easiest, most cost-effective way to attract prospects to your agency.

Social media is a very powerful tool for insurance agencies – especially when using targeted ads. It’s possible to get in front of your ideal prospects, clients and referral partners, all without breaking the bank.

Define your audience

Who do you want to reach? Where are they located? It's possible to reach very specific audiences on social media.

Run targeted social ads

Once we know your audience, we design and run a very targeted ad to reach them via social media.

See the results

Not only does the ad reach your ideal people, but it also drives them to your agency website to learn more.

21,747 prospects reached, 811 website visits
The results of running a single, two-week ad on Facebook.

Amazing targeting

Precisely focused on your perfect prospects

Ads are a lot different than simply posting something to your business page. When you post something on your own, only a fraction of the people who like or follow your agency has a chance to see it. So, let’s say 500 people like your Facebook page. When you post something, a very small percentage of those 500 people will ever see it – perhaps just a few dozen. That’s not good, is it?

Social media ads are the solution. Want to reach affluent personal lines families within your state? No problem. How about restaurant owners within 50 miles of your agency? Sure! You get the idea. The ads are only shown to the people you choose, so they can be very targeted.

And that’s why they work so well.

Social Media - Precise Targeting
Break through the noise

Creative, custom-designed ads that work

We create custom-designed ads for your agency specifically tailored to reach your audience. And, since we work with a lot of insurance agencies, we know firsthand what works and what doesn’t on each platform. As a result, you benefit with beautiful, creative ads that truly break through the noise to reach your desired audience with the right message.

For most agencies, we recommend starting with Facebook and LinkedIn. Those platforms have a lot of active users and the most powerful ad platforms. Instagram and Snapchat can also work, depending upon the target audience. Regardless, the ads we design reflect your insurance agency.

Each social media ad consists of text, an image and link to your agency website. We handcraft each of these elements in keeping with the personality of your agency and target audience.

Social Media - Social Network Logos

2 billion
The number of people who use Facebook every month. Wow.

Reach your audience, raise awareness and drive website traffic

Why targeted ads work

Precise Targeting

An effective ad breaks through and resonates with your audience.

Mobile-First Design

Your ad is designed and optimized for mobile delivery.


Unlike organic posting, ad results are consistent.


Facebook offers near real-time performance results.

Social Media - Report Screen
Simple, interactive reports

The results of your social media ad are compiled, almost in real-time, and delivered via email monthly. Want more detail? Click, tap and explore the results using our easy-to-understand online report. Or, just give us a call.

  • Overview – performance over time
  • Ad – what the ad looks like
  • Impressions – the number of people reached
  • Clicks – the number of visits to your website

“We could not be happier with the results. We would recommend Forge3 to anyone. ”

John HannonEvarts Tremaine

Social Media AdsActiveAgency Add-On

$ 250

per month
  • Platform Setup
  • Ad Design
  • Ad Placement and Targeting
  • Tracking Pixel Setup
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Clickable Coverage Integration
  • Monthly Reporting
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Long-Term Contracts

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Common questions and answers

Here are a few questions we hear a lot.


Really?! There are no setup fees or long-term contracts?

We often hear that it must be “too good to be true” – but it’s not. We earn your business each and every month. You’re free to cancel at anytime – whether it’s after one week or 10 years.

When does the $250/month billing start? What’s included?

The billing begins on the first of the month. The first month is focused on getting all of the necessary pieces in place, including your ad account, website landing page, reporting and more. Then, starting with month two, we run your targeted ad and provide detailed interactive reporting. We’re always one chat, email or call away throughout the entire process.

Is the ad budget included in the $250/month?

No. To provide the greatest flexibility, you pay the social platform directly for the ad using your credit card stored in their ad system. We typically recommend starting with an ad budget no lower than $50/month. However, the bigger the budget, the bigger the results. It’s truly “pay to play.” The monthly ad budget may be adjusted each month, so you’re not locked into a long-term commitment and can always increase the budget once you see the desired results. We guide the way.

Will my ad work on mobile devices?

Absolutely. In fact, most social ad traffic comes from mobile, so it’s critically important that we optimize the ad design, content and landing page for mobile first.


What should I expect during a typical month?

After the first month, your ad runs on the chosen social network and is shown to your target audience. As it does, your insurance agency gains significant brand exposure and increased website traffic. On the first of each month, you receive an interactive report showing how many people saw your ad, the number of clicks and more. Additional information may be found at anytime within the ad platform, as desired.

How does targeting on social media work?

Social media advertising offers extensive targeting options. For example, we can target restaurant owners within 50 miles of the agency. That’s just one example. We work with you upfront to understand your agency’s goals and then configure all of the necessary technical details to ensure your ad is only shown to the people you care about reaching.

Which audiences can we select to target?

That’s up to you! Tell us what type of business you’re looking to attract to the agency and we’ll determine your ideal geographic location(s) and any other targeting criteria to ensure we maximize your ad budget each month.

How does the reporting work?

Each month, we send you an email with a link to view an interactive report. The report includes key metrics for the previous month, including ad preview, impressions, clicks and more. Social media advertising is very trackable and reportable, so you always know exactly what’s working and why.


Are there any long-term contracts to keep my ad running?

No. There are no long-term contracts and you’re free to start and stop at any time.

What happens if we decide to cancel this service with Forge3?

Your ad stops running. It’s as simple as that.

“You guys definitely went above and beyond. Thanks so much for all of your help!”

Kelsea EblenSynergy Insurance Group