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Your new website has superpowers.

Launching your beautiful new ActiveAgency website is just the beginning. It’s packed with powerful sales tools and features, allowing your agency to compete like never before. As with most things, the more you use it, the more value and ROI you get in return.

First, watch the short video below to meet your Client Experience Team (CXT).

We’re ready to answer your questions, make website updates, integrate your website with other systems, and provide guidance related to your website and digital marketing efforts. See all that’s included and contact us at any time.

Now, let’s look at a few things you can do to get the most out of your ActiveAgency website.

🧭 Step 1: The Easy Stuff

Join an Upcoming Training Session

We host regular Zoom web sessions showing how to use the tools and features built into your ActiveAgency website. These small group web sessions are the perfect way to learn about ActiveAgency. Join us at anytime. Invite others on your team, as well.

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Ensure Google Analytics Is Installed

If you haven’t already, set up your free Google Analytics account. This free service tracks website visitors and other activity. Your Project Manager already asked for this, but if you haven’t done it yet, now’s the time.

Set Up Google Analytics

Get Ready for Live Chats

Website visitors prefer to chat online. Be ready for them. If you’re using Chatra (the live chat service we typically recommend to get started), download the app for your computer and mobile devices. Sign in when you’re available so that people can chat with you from your new website.

Start Using Live Chat

Sign In to Your Website

To access the back end of your new website, add aalogin to the end of your website address, like this:

If you need a hand signing in, or of you’d like us to create additional users for your account, simply let us know.

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Explore F3 Network Sessions

F3 Network is an exclusive client group just for agencies using ActiveAgency. It’s a place to connect, learn from one another, and uncover some of the best marketing strategies, tools, and success stories. Check out all of our previous sessions and register for the next one.

Explore F3 Network Sessions
📈 Step 2: Maximize Your Results

Tell Clients About Your Service Center

Streamline service requests and make life easier for your clients. Your new Service Center includes options for reporting a claim, making a policy change, requesting a certificate, requesting an auto ID card, paying a bill, and more. Tell your clients (and prospects) that you have these options available on your website.

Start Using Service Center

Use Your Clickable Coverage Graphics

Educate prospects and clients using interactive graphics. Explore your website and look for the interactive Clickable Coverage graphics on the product pages. Send prospects and clients links to those pages during the sales process. The graphics take the focus away from price and are way more engaging than PDFs and trifold brochures.

Start Using Clickable Coverage

Create Your First Video Proposal

Close 15 – 20% more deals by recording your screen and webcam with Video Proposals. ActiveAgency automatically creates a password-protected page that you can send to your clients and prospects to watch the video. This is a great way to explain insurance options, policy terms, and renewals. Total wow factor.

Start Using Video Proposals

Use Your Hello Producer Links

Add your Hello Producer tag (like #ella) to the end of any link to your website. These special links are perfect for building and maintaining personalized relationships with prospects, clients, and referral partners. Update your email signature to include your special tag, send the links to prospects and clients, and have others do the same. Consider adding these special links to your business cards, too.

Start Using Hello Producer

Update Your Local Directory Listings

We’ll submit your agency to leading online directory services for you. Ensuring you have consistent information displayed online can further help search engine optimization (SEO). We’ll submit your agency to Google My Business, Apple Maps, Facebook, LinkedIn Company Directory, Bing, and Yelp.

Update Your Directory Listings

Start Getting 5-Star Reviews

Capture feedback from clients and boost your SEO. Your new 5-Star Agency Review Form is specifically designed to encourage 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp from your best supporters. This is great for search engine optimization (SEO), too!

Start Getting 5-Star Reviews
📚 Step 3: Let's Get Fancy

Explore the Baby Steps

When you’re ready to take things even further, check out our Baby Steps. This proven digital marketing roadmap for insurance agencies is designed to be followed in a step-by-step fashion. So start with Baby Step 1. After that, proceed to Baby Step 2, then Baby Step 3, and so on.

Follow the Baby Steps

Visit the Help Center

Our Help Center is full of useful resources specifically designed for insurance agencies. You’ll find videos, guides, insight, upcoming live events, and more.

Visit the Help Center

We’re on your team. Every step of the way.

Technology is less confusing with us by your side.

Like you, our business is built on reputation, referrals, and relationships.

On average, an insurance agency signs up for ActiveAgency every day, making it the fastest-growing, highest-rated solution in the industry! But, that alone doesn’t matter much, which is why we work incredibly hard to ensure you’re happy and successful, whether it’s day one or year ten.

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