Forge3 is a location independent company by design. Our growing team works remotely. Why? Because that's how we like it. It gives us the chance to build something amazing while living life as we do.

Jeff TeschkeFounder and CEO

The Movement

Why did you get up this morning?

Was it to stare at a computer for 8 hours?

Walk like a zombie from meeting to meeting?

Click through dozens of emails in your inbox in the never-ending quest for “inbox zero”?

Sadly, that’s exactly what most of us do.




Rinse and repeat.

Fill the mug with caffeine and stumble through the day.

Is this really what life is all about?

Power to the people

The Movement is based on the belief that we can do more in less time with the help of technology.

There’s an app for everything. But they’re useless unless we know about them.

But it’s not just about the tech. It’s about living. The Movement cares just as much about WHY we work.

79.8 years

According to Wikipedia, the average lifespan is 79.8 years. 79.8 years. That’s it! How old are you?

The math certainly puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? Simply put, we don’t have much time to make our mark!

What will you see when you look back on your life?

So, no matter what we do, let’s do it better. Let’s help more people. Let’s grow our businesses. Let’s do the right thing. And above all else, let’s love doing it.

That’s what The Movement is all about.

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