A Post-Launch Resource Guide

How to get the most out of ActiveAgency

There's a reason we call it ActiveAgency. 🚀

How to get the most out of ActiveAgency


Think of your beautiful new website as a collection of tools that make your agency look great while helping you sell more and service existing clients better.

The more active you are in using all of the powerful features built in to ActiveAgency, the more powerful it is. That’s what this resource is all about.

So, roll up your sleeves, dig in and embrace all that ActiveAgency offers!

Wow, it looks great!

Your ActiveAgency website is already working hard to make your insurance agency look amazing. First impressions are more important than ever. And, these days, that often happens online.

We know you care about how you look online. That’s one of the reasons you chose ActiveAgency in the first place. And, unlike other website providers, each ActiveAgency website is uniquely yours. Our professional, in-house design team ensures it reflects who you are, where you are located and what you do. We don’t use rigid templates or force you into a one-size-fits all model. Nope! Not here. That’s why our upfront process takes a little time. But it’s worth it. It’s your first impression.

Every single visitor to your website matters. You might not know the impact your website is making on people, but it’s working hard and is absolutely impressing visitors every day (even when you’re not thinking about it).

Sure, it’s impossible to quantify the impact, but this is one of the most important aspects of any modern website.

You wouldn’t wear sweatpants to a wedding, right?

Suggested Action Items

  • Tell the world about your new website!
Download Press Release Template

Use Clickable Coverage to educate and sell coverage

Your website includes some very cool features. Clickable Coverage is definitely one of them!

These interactive graphics are featured throughout the website and help explain insurance to prospects and clients in a friendly, approachable way. They are designed to get people to focus on the value of having the right coverage vs. just getting the lowest premium.

Suggested Action Items

  • Send prospects a link before or after your meetings
  • Reference it during the renewal process
  • Update your email signature to include links to scenes
  • Share the scenes on LinkedIn, your blog and social media
  • Leverage it during your 
face-to-face meetings
  • Use it as an internal education and training tool
Download Post-Ready Social Graphics

Social Media Ads

Our Social Media Ads package is a great, cost-effective way to get your agency, website and Clickable Coverage in front of your ideal audience using very targeted ads.

Use Hello Producer links to personalize your website

This one is a total wow factor. Your website includes Hello Producer, which allows you to use special links to show your photo, name, email address and phone number across the entire site. It’s a great way for you to maintain your relationship with prospects and clients while also reinforcing the personal touch your agency offers.

Each person in your agency has his/her own Hello Producer “tag.” If you don’t know yours, check around your office or contact us. Happy to help!

To use it, add your tag (including the hashtag symbol) to the end of any website page link, like this:


Suggested Action Items

  • Add a link to your email signature with your special Hello Producer hashtag
  • Add your hashtag to any link you email to people or post online
  • Consider updating your business cards to include your personalized hashtag link
  • Update your social media profiles to include your personalized hashtag link

Tell clients and prospects about your 24/7 client portal

Today, people expect to be able to work with your insurance agency how and when they want. Now, with ActiveAgency, you can offer clients an easy way to make policy changes, request certificates and more.

Suggested Action Items

  • Tell clients about this new option via email, phone, text and social media
  • Add a link to your email signature so clients (and prospects!) know you offer this convenient feature
  • Use the Policy Review form for annual renewals (send the link to clients a month or two before policy renewal)

Get more 5-star reviews and recommendations

We all love great feedback, right? Plus, it’s good for online credibility and SEO, too! With ActiveAgency, it’s now easier than ever to collect it. Simply send clients a link to the form on your ActiveAgency website. That’s it!

Did you know that your Review Us form has some special powers? It’s true! It uses the popular Net Promoter Score® method. If your client gives you a score of 8, 9 or 10, they are considered a “promoter” and will see links to your Google, Facebook and/or Yelp page so they can share the great feedback there.

However, if they give you anything lower than an 8, it will ask them to provide their feedback directly to you. We don’t want them sharing a bad experience or poor feedback with the outside world.

Suggested Action Items

  • Email some of your best clients asking for feedback and include a link to the Review Us page
  • Update your email signature to include a link to the Review Us page (“How am I doing?”)
  • If a client says something nice, send them the link and tell them you’re working on getting more 5-star reviews

Embrace live chat

At Forge3, we often get more chat sessions than phone calls in a typical day. This is not uncommon as more and more people prefer the convenience of chat over email or phone.

If you’re not already, definitely consider embracing live chat on your ActiveAgency website. It’s easy to get started and shows that your agency is different than most. After a few months, you’ll have a good handle on how many people want to chat with you.

We can even do some cool stuff with chat, like automatically opening the chat window with a message if someone is on a page for a certain amount of time. For example, if someone is on the Home Insurance page for 60 seconds, they’re probably interested in learning more about home insurance. So, we can show them a chat message after 60 seconds asking if they have any questions. Pretty slick, huh?

NOTE: Some of these more advanced features may require that you pay the chat provider for an advanced plan.

Suggested Action Items

  • If you don’t have chat enabled on your ActiveAgency website, let us know and we’ll add it for you
  • Download, install and launch the chat app and make sure you’re logged in and ready to chat
  • Meet with your team to discuss how it works and devise a plan for who should be available to chat and when
  • Visit Chatra.io and explore best practices on how best to to configure your chat app

Set up Notification Bars with news, updates and buttons

Notification Bars are a great way to highlight important information using a colorful bar at the bottom of the website.

For example, let’s say your office is closed for an upcoming holiday. Add a bar to let people know. Or, perhaps there’s a natural disaster on the horizon which will likely result in many claims. Add a bar. Is your office moving locations? Do you have a new coverage option or blog article you’d like to promote? You get the idea.

Or, just have one there all the time with your phone number and button to request a quote.

Suggested Action Items

  • Add your first Notification Bar

Get proactive with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People are already visiting your website as you read this. They’re finding your agency on Google and other search engines and are also typing your website address directly into their web browsers. That will continue and likely increase in the weeks and months ahead.

Of course, you probably want your agency to be #1 on the list for just about everything, right? That would be great! However, it’s impossible to guarantee. Most insurance agencies see a really nice improvement after a few months on ActiveAgency. Some even show up #1 for the search terms they care about most. However, don’t be surprised if that doesn’t happen for you. SEO is a complicated subject and is impacted by more than 200 factors—many of which are outside the control of your website. So, while we’d love to guarantee that you’ll be #1 from day one, it simply doesn’t work that way.

Your ActiveAgency website is built for SEO, however. There are many factors that go into this, including content structure, page layout, menu design, location pages and a bunch of technical elements like code structure, sitemaps, schema markup, mobile responsive design, SSL security, website hosting speed and more.

Other factors that impact SEO include how old your insurance agency is, how long you’ve had your website address in use and the number of years left before your domain name expires (the longer the better, so extend your registration if you can). In addition, the more 5-star Google reviews and Facebook recommendations you have, the better!

However, the best SEO involves a proactive approach to content creation. The best strategy is for you to write and share unique content on an ongoing basis. You can do this via your blog, on other pages on your website or even by writing “guests posts” for other businesses in your local area (and having them link back to your website).

Check out the guide we wrote in the suggested action items below.

Suggested Action Items

  • Read Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) for insurance agency websites
  • Create and regularly post unique content on your blog, location pages and product pages
  • Extend domain name registration period (the longer the better)
  • Ensure your Google My Business profile is up-to-date (correct agency name, address and office hours)
  • Focus on getting more 5-star Google reviews and Facebook recommendations
  • Talk to your referral partners and see if they’ll add a link to their website pointing to your website

SEO Advanced (“Do-It-For-You Package”)

If you’re like most people, all of this sounds about as fun as going to the dentist. That’s why we have our SEO Advanced service. Contact us to learn more.

Use us to make updates, ask questions and learn

We’re incredibly proud of the reputation we have in the industry. We work hard to earn and maintain that. One of the ways we do this is by providing killer service long after your website is launched.

Need something updated? Have an idea you want to discuss? Want the newest Clickable Coverage graphic added to your website?

We are one call, email or chat away. Use us! That’s why we’re here and is one of the great benefits of ActiveAgency.

Suggested Action Items

  • Reach out with questions, requests or anything else so we can keep your website on the cutting edge

Have us review your website every 3 years!

Things change quickly online. What’s cool today won’t be in a few years. We want your agency to stay on the leading edge.

We’re happy to make smaller ongoing tweaks and adjustments at anytime, but will perform a comprehensive website review and analysis every three years!

Too good to be true? Not at Forge3.

Suggested Action Items

  • Connect with us three years after your website launch and we’ll get started

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